4 new rules for more goals in World Cup football

One would have thought that those pathologically law-abiding Germans would follow all the rules, even the unwritten ones.  The biggest unwritten one of them all in this FIFA World Cup seems to be that there should be no goal during regulation time. Did Germany not know what Brazil clearly did – that no goals were supposed to be scored in the first half, or for that matter in the second half either?

I’m all for the beauty of the game of soccer (or football or futbol or whatever you choose to call it) but frankly, sitting through 90 odd goalless minutes gets tiring.

Given that nearly every game sees goals scored only during extra time, I am proposing a few rules/ changes to make the game more interesting :

1.  There should be no regulation time.  The game should only be played in extra time.

If that is not possible,

2.  Each half of regulation time should start with extra time.

3. Even better, each half of regulation time should start with penalty shootouts.

4. If despite all these changes, the game still ends in a tie, then there should be a modified penalty shootout at the end of the game – one in which there is no goalkeeper guarding the goal post.

Maybe at least then, the ball will strike the net?



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