Northwest Airlines plane (pic courtesy NPR)

What really happened on the Northwest flight

By now, most people have heard of the Northwest Airline flight from San Diego to Minneapolis which overshot MSP by 120 miles and had to turn back. But does anyone know what actually happened?  Here is the inside scoop, straight from the wings of the fly in the cockpit: The pilot said “They are going…


Poem: Walking towards Winter

I am walking towards winter, I know In summer the fruits ripen and fall In autumn the leaves ripen and glow and now they too lie fallen below. I am walking towards winter, I know The lush green grass is covered with a red and gold autumn throw and soon it will be covered in…

To do: Return child to shelf

“Several times a month we’re seeing kids being left by parents who say they can’t afford them anymore..” More here. I’ve heard of people abandoning their dogs and cats in this recession.  So was it just a matter of time before a few of them moved on to abandoning their own children?

AIDS vaccine research by an Indian-American

Wouldn’t it be great if an Indian were to find a cure for AIDS?  Or if an Indian-American were to develop a vaccine to prevent AIDS? What if I were to tell you the latter could actually happen? As things stand, we know we don’t have a cure for AIDS, all we have are retroviral…

Organic lawn mowers

Half our weekends go to maintaining the lawn – mowing, fertilizing, weeding and watering.  Why go to so much trouble? Maybe we should all do what Andover, MA  does.   Use goats. They can do all the above 😉 And they are organic 🙂

On therapy blogs and gulab jamuns

All day long yesterday and today, people have been searching online for recipes for sweets. Some of those souls have been misled by Google to my blog, and they have ended up reading my blog posts on making Gulab jamuns, rasagullas, Theratti Paal and even the one on making paneer from cottage cheese. I can…