Six rules for air hostesses

How does an air hostess’s weight matter ? Of course it’s vital, as any airlines will tell you. Air hostesses must be slim and young and pretty. Never mind if they are not courteous or speak such poor English that they do not understand what “toast” means. That’s not what their job is about anyway.

The Hon’ble (male) judges of the Delhi High Court would agree. The Court thinks that Indian Airlines (or Indian or Air India or whatever they call themselves now) was right to ground five air hostesses because they were overweight. This is what the Hindu reports:

The rules prescribe different weight limits according to their height and age. For an 18-year-old air hostess with a height of 152 cm, the maximum weight permissible is 50 kg while air hostesses in the age group of 26 to 30 and a height of 152 cm, the weight limit is 56 kg.

Of course, Air India itself is very overweight and the Maharajah packs a hefty paunch, but then the Maharajah is not an air hostess.

I had always thought that air hostesses are really a sort of glorified waitress. Except, they are waitresses who don’t depend on customers’ tips for their income, which explains why air hostesses in US airlines are so rude to passengers. But apparently not. Air hostesses must be in the fashion industry. Why else would they have rules saying air hostesses can’t marry, get old or put on weight? I thought such rules were only reserved for models. Also obviously, male stewards are not in the fashion industry. That is why none of these restrictions apply to them.

But why stop at just age and weight? The airlines have other secret rules for air hostesses that explain the quirks in their appearance, behavior and the quality of airline service these days. I have seen these rules in action in the US, and I am sure they exist in India (or Indian). So for readers of this blog, I am letting you into a trade secret that is guarded zealously by the airline industry. I shall tell you the secret rules.

Pic by Huong-Lan

The Six Secret Rules for air hostesses:

Rule 1: Air hostesses should remember that they are, first and foremost, sales persons. They are responsible for selling stale trail mix, cheap headphones and overpriced blankets and pillows. Unfortunately, airlines do not as yet sell water, so air hostesses should refrain from handing out water unless specifically requested by passengers. Even then, they should provide water only in tiny water cups.

Rule 2: All air hostesses should wear high heels that are at least 6 inches high. Heels of five inches may be permitted in special cases, with prior approval. They should sashay through the aisle, rolling carts on high heels, and also use these heels to curb passengers who demand too much attention, like extra cups of water.

Rule 3: Air hostesses should have long fingernails that are at least an inch long. Long fingernails are an important accessory that can be used to dip into cups and discourage use of complimentary drinks by passengers. They can also be used to poke passengers while handing out cups of water and juice.

Rule 4: Make up is very important. Nail polish and lip stick should always be bright red in color. Also, make-up should be applied heavily, so the face looks pale, contrasting with the bright red lipstick. Eyes should be heavily made up. This appearance, when combined with a glare, may scare some of the more timid passengers.

Rule 5: Hair color should be brown on Tuesdays and Thursdays. On all other days, it should be black. Red and orange highlights are recommended.

Rule 6: Air hostesses should give the appearance of smiling at passengers. But genuine smiles are not recommended, in case the passengers get too friendly and request additional cups of water, newspapers or other services currently free.

The airlines take interaction with passengers very seriously. Hidden cameras will be placed above each seat to monitor whether air hostesses chat with passengers or otherwise indulge in courteous behavior. Such behavior can attract disciplinary action. Air hostesses are permitted to be rude to economy class passengers, however, and also to smile in relief, however, when passengers depart the plane.

Perhaps there are more. Certainly the airlines seem to invent a new rule every day, and you just have to open the papers to learn about it. So readers, can you suggest more rules for air hostesses that you have come across?


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      • hie i also wnt to become an airhostess my height is short an im 17 yrs old what should i do to become an airhostess would u give me some suggestions

      • Hello Frnd In order to get placed in airlines you must have at least 18 years old with at least 12th class qualification. also remember minimum height , weight and fluency in English is also matters.

      • Airhostess can only work till her age of 27, and it depends on the company, that they need u or not, whenever they want ofteny they can run out u…one more thing is in rare cases they keep u on the job after yr age of 27. U can Google,, only 60 women who are above 50 in aviation in all over India.

  1. Hilarious. Why were cups of water not used in Rules 4 and 5? Don’t they have to make red lipstick marks on using those water cups and then handover same to the other passengers? Do they mix their daily hair dyes in the same water cups?:P

    It is said that out of airspeed, altitude, or brains, one who flies needs at least two of those. Btw, what do you call a pregnant air hostess? Ans: Pilot error. Hahaha..stop being wicked Lekhni.:P

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  2. damn right about the size of the cups, if they’re any smaller they’d look like saucers and not to mention the look they are trained to give when one doesn’t buy that 70 buck sandwich.
    Really cool post.

  3. 7. Always slam the overhead department close.
    8. If you make people interested in the safety notices before the flight, you are instantly fired. Let those suckers burn.

  4. They should sashay through the aisle, rolling carts on high heels
    that with a nice pair of legs please!

    I have flown jet and kingfisher in India and the ladeej there beat the dames of AA, NWA etc hands down! in terms of service as well as you-know-what!

    ps: southwest, airtran, delta are not even considered!

  5. You forgot the ‘must mumble into the phone when making announcements. Any comprehensible utterance will be instant grounds for dismissal’ rule, Lekhni.

    And what about the ‘must be compulsive user of Fair-and-Lovely/OlayRegenerist’ clause?

  6. Chris Moran: Thanks! I take it you are not a publisher, then? πŸ˜‰

    Celine: I had a strong suspicion I might have overdone the water cup references 😦 But me not being wicked? What, isn’t that my motto ?

    Ujj: Ah yes, I’ve seen that “you must be just too cheap to buy this” look πŸ˜‰

    kalafudra: Oh yes, you should flex your muscles when you slam the overhead compartment. But refuse outright to help anyone (however old) who is struggling to lift their bags. What are fellow passengers for, then?

    maxdavinci: Yes, those are the newbies – it’s going to take them some time to reach AA/NWA levels πŸ˜›

    Sujatha: That’s true πŸ™‚ Mumble, sound bored, utter the lines in a singsong fashion that tells everyone who are reciting from rote and couldn’t care less (especially, as kalafudra says, during the safety instructions) πŸ™‚

  7. Suggest? I’ve heard about this weird rule, apparently existed(or exists) but never was verified. One particular Indian airline(not sure which) has a rule saying all air hostesses must have names containing not more than 4-5 letters. So you find only Pinky, Dolly, Rita, Sita and the likes! Oh, well, there is a Sita!

  8. Adithya: That sounds positively bizarre. Why do they do it? As usual, I find reality is much weirder than anything I can imagine πŸ˜‰

    km: I couldn’t find it on youtube – seems to have been pulled by NBC. Please link it up if you find it!

  9. gave me a seriously good laugh ! plenty of thought in there lol !

    and regarding the air hostesses,even their restrictions on maternity issues are absolutely is such a competitive should have also added that these host of schools that have begun training air hostesses include all these points as mentioned in their syllabus πŸ˜€

  10. …and did you know that they are grounded if they have three pimples? two is fine, but three is the pimple that breaks the airplanes back.

    .. i think my favorite was a KaliMa avatar in Air India who a) yelled at the timid passenger who asked her something in chaste bambaya ” tereko samaj mein nahin ata hai – ek baar bola khana baad mein milega to BAAD mein milega” and then b) she along with her groupies rushed to deplane once the plane had landed ..uhm ..much before the passengers had a chance to.

  11. LOL …I liked that tone. But seriously weight issue does not belong only to Air India; I could see overweight air hostess in AA and Swiss airlines as well.
    there could some rule about the length of skirts as well πŸ˜›
    I liked that in international airlines the safety instructions are shown over the display unit ( it refrains me to see the “the unwanted/how boring) kind of expressions on those make up loaded faces.
    another rule could be “With red nail paint and red lipstick the eye shadow has to be green or blue ”
    – the bells to call the air hostess should be ignored until the bell is rang minumun three times.

  12. sudipta: Except in Florida, where the orange juice is probably cheaper than water πŸ˜‰ But seriously, have you noticed that air hostesses in US airlines never offer you water? I suspect they carry very little bottled water. Today’s NYT article says they are going to reduce water even from the toilet tanks 😦

    Meghana: I am sure the training schools add all these rules, though teaching English may not be one of the things they do! The “toast” incident happened on an international Jet Airways flight.

    A Cynic in Wonderland: So do they line up before each flight while somebody counts their pimples πŸ˜›

    Air India is just priceless – pity the poor soul who has health issues requiring regular meals 😦 I guess the air hostesses are all too ready to show that behind the plastic smiles, their true nature is that of a street-fighter.

    BlueMist: Great ideas! What’s with the blue eyeshadow? And yes, the call button pressed 3 times is very true too..and the constant bored expressions.. you can see they are thinking “This job is so beneath me, you guys should be so thankful you are on the same flight as me.”

  13. Great post, Lekhni.
    I saw all shapes, sizes and colours of hostesses on various flights in and out of the US last year.
    And some of them looked older than I am, which is quite old. But they were uniformly nicer and kinder than the male staff, all of whom seemed to be marking time till they got something ‘better’ to do.
    I found that our Indian hostesses usually wore far more warpaint than the firang ones. And that Jet Airways has the nicest staff of all.

    This weight thing is sickening. It is so very sexist.
    We need to chuck out all fat politicians, as visible symbols of skewed consumption of national resources.

  14. Since there is a lot of generalization in this post, I hope I am not committing a sin by joining the bandwagon πŸ™‚ I am a frequent flyer, and one thing I have distinctively observed when it comes to airhostesses (or stewardess as to speak) is that, the more attractive and strikingly beautiful they are, the more unfriendly and arrogant they are towards passengers. I love those older ones, who have a very motherly aura around them. Those air hostesses are extremely nice towards me. But I have indeed received prominent raised eye-brows from the younger “firmer” looking ones when I ask for water… duh! as if I am asking for that water just to get a chance to talk to them! But I guess in a way I don’t blame them for that kinda attitude because they must be getting it a lot everyday from desperate passengers. But again, they have to be professional about it too and can’t vent out their frustrations at innocent passengers like me πŸ™‚

  15. The Pilgrim: What do they do, glare when someone orders a beer? Or a martini? πŸ˜› Lecture on how alcohol is bad for the liver and would turn the liver into a dier?

    aandthirtyeights: “Get back to your seat NOW!” πŸ˜€ Though in all fairness, I wonder, why do some people stand up and start taking out their bags as long as the plane touches down (and while it is still taxiing) ? It’s not even saving them any time – their (checked in) bags will still take forever.

    dipali: Good to see you back! Hope you are feeling better! I agree, Jet Airways has some nice staff in the international route. I haven’t flown many of the newer domestic airlines in India, so I don’t know how they compare. I had a good experience in Kingfisher, though. I also agree that air hostesses in the US are not as spectacularly (or as frequently) rude as in India, here the rudeness takes on a more passive-aggressive form generally.

    Kima: Of course, join the bandwagon! Going by your logic, you’d expect those pretty young things to be nicer to women passengers, right, since we are not (that) likely to hit on them? But I can very well imagine what you describe happening in India (here, not so much). And you make a great case for why the airlines are all wrong to focus on inexperienced eye candy as air hostess material instead of matronly women.

  16. Hi you left a comment on my blog about favicons not showing in both browsers. I tried something that works on my blog. Firefox and IE show my favicons. Here is the code I used, hope it can help.

  17. Asuka_Aki: Thanks, but I cannot see the code in this comment. I suppose WordPress swallows it 😦

    Rajesh Kumar: You’d think they would have some rules to prevent people in their 70s and 80s from trying to run for office, right? The intelligence levels might be tricky though – one could argue that anyone with intelligence would stay away from politics πŸ™‚

  18. Haha, I was wicked and tried to blame you..LOL
    When you have a few minutes to spare, please come over to check my post on Orchha. I don’t know what makes me think you might like it, maybe because of Datia? πŸ˜‰

  19. haha like the cups, did make me smile πŸ˜€
    Im only 14 atm (in england too!) and i really want to be an air hostess (:
    i used to travel ALOT and i think its such a nice feeling when ur hostess is actually genuine, nice and has a good humour.. i wanna be one of the rare nice ones (:

    &&I promise to give out cups of water larger than a shot glass (:

  20. Nice read. It isn’t much different in budget airlines in India today.

    Incidentally, it is just today that I posted this long pending post on in-flight behaviour of us menfolk at my blog.

    • I read your post, it was hilarious. I did travel by Jet Lite during this India trip, but I thought air hostesses on budget airlines too were friendlier than those in the US. I can’t pinpoint why exactly – maybe it’s just because I’m unused to being called “Ma’am” at every alternate word πŸ™‚

  21. off course the weight matters.
    I could imagine the oversized crews trying squeeze through the tight aisle. Moreover carrying extra weight cost money for the airline. Extra fuel is required for the extra Kg on board.

    blogger for air hostess

    • I also want to become an airhostess
      it is my dream nd my family’s dream
      so plz can uh help me to solve my confusion
      Now l am studing in 12 th std
      but wht should i do after 12th
      plz give me some suggestion

  22. Really such a cheap ….yes weight matter bt as the wroter is saying its compulsory to wear Red Lipstick & Nails and all ….its nt like this every airline having there different different colours …and for your information Air hostess just hv to use little Dark shades of Lipstick & Nail Paint. And overload of evrything is bad and nt dong so. And I felt writer might b having experience of some cheap airlines otherwise he’ll nt write like this.

    And air hostess can not behave rudely with passenger and they have to be curtious. Yes they are rude too bt depend upon situation & circumstances. If any passenger will misbehave with them then definitely they have to b rude.

    So pls my request is to writer is before commenting on anything kindly take the full knowledge.

  23. I will prefer to open a paan shop instead of becoming an air hostess.This job was glorified because of hindi movies where heroines worked as air hostess.

  24. Honey (Kripa) In Air India there are different creteria for height but minimum height they want is 154.5 . So its your hardluck that you will definitely failed in Medical Test. Any ways Try something else. Good Luck For Future..

  25. So far in india I’ve only found indigo airhostesses to be friendly, courteous & genuine. Even kingfisher airlines have dracula airhostesses with horrific manners.

  26. Is it force or compulsory for an Air hostess to put on make-up….because when someone is an air hostess and from the country the person comes from make-up isn’t allowed in their traditional regional culture… is it going to be ?

  27. while training perioud do they allowe cell phones?????????????
    Coz some1 told me tht cellphones are not allowe while training means they can not call any1 till 2 months of training???????

  28. Your sitting there saying that about cabin crew, but at the end of the day you need them. If you got onto a plane and had to make your own drink look after yourself and others you would hate it. Their aren’t just about lipstick and high heels. They have a lot of training to do before they can be apart of cabin crew. This training includes fire training, swimming training and also medical training for your safety! I know this as I have been studying to become apart of Thomson Airways cabin crew and it’s not easy. So if you don’t know about it then don’t judge it. Because at the moment your are judging a book by its cover and not knowing the inside. (They don’t have to wear lots of make up.)

  29. this is the most pathetic rubbish ive ever heard,”Hair color should be brown on Tuesdays and Thursdays. On all other days, it should be black. Red and orange highlights are recommended”,
    and long nails “can also be used to poke passengers while handing out cups of water and juice”, is utterly rediculous, i think if any of us were to be “poked” with long nails from an air hostess, we would have something to say about it. what a rubbish article.

  30. i was travelling once on Air India with my <year old child and had specifically requested a bassinet months before. Guess what our darllings at Air India did? Their
    bassinets were overbooked as usual and they plonked me and my bawling baby in the midst of two gentlemen for the transatlantic flight! When I complained to the head steward he yelled at me to get off the plane and catch the next one if i wasn't happy with my seat! LOL!
    Anyways some passengers were kind enough to interfere and I finally got a bassinet.

  31. Oh crap! what the heck these ” Reckless Airhostess” are just not in to their business they should Ablush about the way they are providing their services ( airhostess should stop absurd talking)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!@@@@@@@@@@@@

  32. This is completely inaccurate, i have read this through twice thinking to myself this must be something like an April fools. This would put anyone in their right minds off being an air hostess as this suggests that air hostesses are rude and have to look like plastic dolls when actually it’s the complete opposite, cabin crew are always loyal to their passangers as ‘the customer is always right’ and as far as having different colour hair depending on the day of the week is ridiculous. Nobody would damage their hair that much. They have no reason to dye their hair that much, unless you are suggesting that they would spray their hair different colours which would be stupid wouldn’t it because that would look tacky.

  33. hiiii,…m also intrsted to become an air hoistess…bt m persuing bba ..after tht iwill came to give there is one prblm that is my height is only 5’2″… wht can i do….

    • hie, me also interestd to bcome an airhostess my height is very short what can i do? now im in 12th std nw ill join for airhostess training then i will come for an interview

  34. i would love to be an air hostess…well,im height is 170 cm while weight 46kg…im too tall..just hope i dun need to put on a high heels shoe…lol…

  35. Hi:!i I m aliya my dreams is to became an air hostess but now I m in fyjc doing hotel mangemant pleas suggest me what I have to?

  36. Hey…m rashi gupta from Delhi….I love to become air hostess…my age 24. Height 5’4 but weight is 60kg …m over weight but Molokai like a cute girl…Nd smile face….attractive Nd polite … where I can be join….

  37. I am 19 years old I am doing by from DU. I aspire to be an air hostess. I am 5’6 and 56Kgs. I hope that is okay? When and how can I apply?

  38. air stewardess…my dream,,,4ever,,well,im 5’6 ,49kg do i still need to wear high heels?lol,my fren told me that i wont be stable in the aeroplane,,,lol again

  39. hello.i am kiran rout.i am resident of bhubaneswar.i am a arts student.i have completed my my air hostess trainning is going on.i love this aviation industry.

  40. I’m 21 yrs old my height is 5’7 nd i done BCA,ND DIPLOMA IN CSE.,IM SO Interest in airhostess,plz tel me wat sud i do

  41. hi,i am vandana from mumbai.i am 17 yrs old my height is 154cm and weight is 48kg. my dreams is to became an airhostess.i am in fyjc in commerce. so can u send any detail and information my id.plz………………….. request

  42. Hai, im chandana. . .im 17 yrs, im doing my 12th nw, im a topper bt i wanna become air hostes. . .my height is 171 and im reducing my weight nw. . !

  43. hi…! m rajashree sweetly called as rini i m doing my 11th ryt now bcome an air hostess s my big dream i bit preety ,cool ,friendly wid every one always smily my weight s 38 kg height 5.3 s tt enought for becoming an air hostess…… ty…!

  44. hi …! i m rajashree sweetly called as rini actually my aim s to becum an air hostess ryt now i m doing my 11th my age s 17 , height- 5.3, weight-38 , i hav a cute preety face n smile actually i need a suggestion to wat i hav to do to continue dis course plz mail me my id s ( ty…. waiting for feedback…..

    • Hello My name is sajeeda i would like to go for a Air Hostess
      in short i use a spect’s and the vision is Right eye( shp – cyc 2.5 x Axis 10 vision 66

      Lift eye ( shp -o.5 cyc 1.75x Axis 17 vision 66

      My height is ( 5–8 ) sorry will contact lenses can work for this post’s

  45. Wtf u talkin about?! that’s a bunch of bullshit. yea the weight thing matters bc its better if the plane didn’t weigh too much. ur please I have seen old air hostesses with no makeup on.. stop making these kids look like idiotic fools -.-

  46. I love being on planes and i love the commotion and rush of the airport and travel industry. i love the atmosphere in an airport with all sorts of foreign people there. I LOVE learning languages im only 14 and i can already speak 3. Only problem is….Im not pretty enough to be an air hostess and i just think, there would be better people at this job than me. As im not very outgoing either and I’m just not your typical air hostess. Also how on earth do they walk along the plane in heels!! I can barely walk as a passenger in flats.

    • If you love languages, then maybe you should consider becoming a translator/ interpreter. Any job that involves traveling will mean a lot of time spent in airports and planes. Trust me, airports don’t seem as much fun when you start frequenting them.

  47. I wonder if there is a weight limit for pilots?
    I’ve seen some rather paunchy pilots on Air India.
    As an American I can tell you the ‘service’ on American airlines has gotten equally horrid. US airlines used to the ‘gold standard’ for service – now you can expect to be yelled at, scolded, or even ‘deplaned’ if the air hostess decides you’re ‘inappropriate’.
    A recent example – on a flight on Delta airlines from Atlanta to Orlando my overhead baggage got stuck halfway sticking out of the overhead compartment, I pushed the button for assistance. The air hostess arrived 10 minutes later & I explained my predicament. She proceeded to lecture me in a loud & condescending tone for another 10 minutes how it was not ok for me to leave my overhead baggage hanging halfway out of the compartment like that. HUH?
    The insincerely ‘smiling’ at customers is definitely a US thing. It is part of US culture & a part of most US social interactions. It is also required by all US businesses when dealing with the general public. EXCEPT if you work for the federal or state gov’t – be it the post office, Internal Revenue service, the Dept of Motor Vehicles etc.- then you can be as nasty, rude & unhelpful to the public or your fellow coworkers as you please.
    The high heels thing- I just don’t get it. How is an air hostess supposed to help if there’s an emergency while poncing about in 4 inch heels? On several US airlines when you board the plane the air hostesses are all wearing high heels. Then after ‘take off’ they switch to flats – what a waste of time & ‘weight’! Same for the long fingernails.
    The ‘make up’ & hair- this seems to be a thing on all Asian & Arab airlines. It seems the preferred look is one of a ‘cocktail waitress’ rather than a ‘professional & polished’ appearance.
    That being said I recently read an employment advertisement for IndiGo airlines for air hostesses- it actually listed one of the requirements to be a ‘clear complexion’. That’s right – no zits allowed if you want to work for IndiGo!


  49. Hi m neha dixit from mumbai mah height is 5’8 n mah weight is 52. M in fybcom n I know english and hindi main languages needed to become an air hostess so can I get a job in international. N is its important to do a course we cant do directly from institute? N I have heard dat dor n international air hostess job we. hav to be graduated? N whch is d best institute for air hostess in mumbai between churchgate n virar.

  50. am fazila..from inda, tamilnadu..i have interested in airhostess .. i have a cute smiley face height=5.2 my weight is correct to the colour is peach white…i know tamil,english,malay././…..whats the way to become airhostess??

    • My dear Sweet Heart, First of all . We need to know our life goods. After you can do it or not. If you would like to become an air hostess. You must think about life , parents, surrounds, advantage, dis advantage.

      You have good life fazila.. you known your talents and passions. Every single seconds. i will be with you . Yes i could be your good life for lifetime. I love you. I love you. I love you.

  51. hlo. m simi i want to become an airhostess…………m in 10th nd i want to know more abt air hostess’s so pls snd information on my gmail account (

  52. hii..I m Priyanka nd I love to become an air hostess..
    its my dream but my parents not allow me to do this..I m 17 yrs old nd my height nd weight is 151 cm nd 41 kg…

  53. Height can be adjustable if you can reach 214cm (7ft) without shoes, standing on your toes is allowed the reason why they say a minimum of 5ft 2″ is because a person that height is what they consider the minimum height to be able to reach 214cm

  54. Height can be adjustable if you can reach 214cm (7ft) without shoes, standing on your toes is allowed the reason why they say a minimum of 5ft 2″ is because a person that height is what they consider the minimum height to be able to reach 214cmw

  55. my dream is to be become an airhostess.After 5 months am going to join .so happy and also excited.Can u please help me to find a good institute

  56. lekhini, air hostesses aren’t glorified waitresses . they are trained to save lives and if you haven’t read much about them, there are plenty of examples where an air hostess has sacrificed their lives saving dumb people who just ogle at them, notice their long nails and hate them all the while wanting to be one of them.

  57. Hey. M pari. .
    i’m 20 yrs old. .m persuing b.b.a 3rd year. . .i want 2 become air hostess. .my height iz 5’3 n weight iz 42kg. . .plz snd me more my email id. .thanks

  58. hello m Lakshmi I want become air hostess I had completed fashion designing my 23 years old height 5.3 weight 40 can I get details off it…………

  59. hey..hi i am 19 year old n i like to be an Air hostess, this is mine dream n my height is 6 feet. can u gave me the tips Quality’s of an air hostess…..

  60. Hie…I wnt 2 bcme a air hostees I m in 10 th now soo plzz can u plz tell me what things I would need further in studies or else for being an air hostees plz

  61. Hi Lekhini!
    I started smiling while reading the post but the comments are making me fall off my chair. Really, kids here have completely missed the sarcasm. There’s even a very enterprising person advertising his training/placement services.
    But I actually loved the article – plastic cups, plastic smiles included.

    • The post is tagged as Humor, you’d think people would notice.. At this rate, the comments are starting to be more hilarious than the post, though πŸ™‚

  62. first off…
    i am from india and i work for a 5 star airline in the middle east.
    i would like to state that out of the 6 facts above, i beg to differ in a few. but i could be wrong. have never flown on air india. and before getting hired in international carrier, i used to work for indigo (india)!

    rule 1:
    seriously, we dont care whether or not u buy the stuff. we try to promote, but are not bothered much, for we also want to sit down and eat. and believe me, even though u all think we get a lot of time, truth i we dont. when u press the call bells or snap your fingers to get our attention or jus put a hand up for the same, u think u r the only one. but if u stand and take the view from our side, you will see how many of u are calling at the same time! i do not say that it is wrong, but i would like u to understand how confusing it gets as to whom to attend first, because the others would then think we r being rude! i do admit some of us get rude and blunt, but if we had a choice and a lot of time in the air, we would treat you in the best way. sometimes its the passengers too who make or break a flight. for exmaple, a group of passengers seated in different corners of the aircraft keep pressing call bell each time for stuff like – directions to the lavatory, if he can have a whole bottle of wine home for free, if we have free toys on board as he wants to take them for his kids back home, for teaching him how to wear a seat belt n his friends giggle (u kknow why, i hope), water of course (but thats acceptable).. do not speak when u cant fit into our heels!

    maybe you r too bad in observation. we do not pull the carts with heels on, we have something called cabin shoes, they r flat shoes. if you saw any flight attendant pulling carts in heels n moving around like that for the whole time, she is either having no time for her own self n well being because the moment we take off, hell does break loose. we will never opt to work with heels on.

    rule 3:
    i have never grown long fingernails but kept my nails neat n tidy n well coloured ;).
    i do agree about this fact to an extent. but it depends from one flight attendant (FA) to another. i would never ill treat any guest on my flight. i might give that caution look when a certain creep keeps calling for water every 5mins. he can just say that he will keep a bottle n a glass. but the crooks get thrills to annoy us. however, i would never dip my finger in the glass. and the FAs who do that are possible doing that as they get the same vibe from the pax!

    rule 4:
    i give this point to u! would be crude of me to say this and no matter how conservative a background i come from, i would say that sex sells! every airlines tries to sell their tickets by hyping their FAs. we love to look good but the airlines pushes us to look sultry too. luckily for me, both my current n previous airlines emphasized on looking good and wearing make up that is appropriate for each of us. however, the red lipstick is standard everywhere i suppose.

    rule 5:
    not one bit dude! we are not lady gaga on board. it is sad if some FAs do that crappy thing n ruin their hair eventually! more often than not, changing hair colour that often can get the FA fired. so that fact of yours is totally wrong!

    rule 6:
    seriously? cams above every seat? no…false smiles at passengers? YES!…honestly though, i feel bad to do that. i seldom do that and keep smiling while serving food despite not having eaten anything for d past countless hours thanks to the much in advance reporting time and pre flight duties just so your asses r not busted when we r 40000ft in the air. do u even know that besides the beauty and poise, what we r there for, on board? do u even know in which mode we open the door in case of emergency and how exactly open it? did u know that when u guys keep asking for water, juice n tea n keep pressing call bells, we r hungry as hell but keep going in n out of cabin. the only time we get to sit is when we use the lavatory? and if we do get to sit, we r considered lazy? like seriously? atleast i as an FA love to do that. it brings out my whole soul and health, but i make sure i see my guests(passengers) leaving the aircraft smiling. but when those mo fos do things out of cheap thrills, trust me i would want to throw them out if i could! did u guys know how we keep smiling, but somewhere in the corner for being harassed, we end up crying without even our colleagues finding out? u call it a false smile? dude u dont wanna freeze seeing a woman crying in front of u, do u?
    yes if its a big big thing, we have all the right to get d person arrested. but the respect we require is no where. i feel bad n ashamed to say that when i fly to european destinations, i get wonderful n understanding crowd. yes they r demanding, but they are also well behaved. but when my flights r scheduled to asian countries, i feel ashamed to hear from my multi nationality colleagues how they complain. i feel bad that when i am offering food to my indian guests, instead of feeling at home n among my people, i hear their comments in hindi, as they think i am not indian ( i look arabic but im not). and it sucks to the core. passing of comments and looking at us as some whores on board comes mostly from indian flights. i dont know your nationality but u do sound like an indian.
    i rest my case here…
    and btw, if reading this gave u a heart attack, approach an FA.. coz guess what, we are trained in first aid and treating heart attack cases too. we r trained for emergencies and we know how to evacuate you guys in less than 90 seconds too, keeping our lives at stake by staying in the aircraft till the last soul is out. watch the videos if u think we dont do that.

    this might sound funny to u, but when i am on board, i see my guests as my kids who should get all my attention and if they r flying for the first time, i make them feel at ease. but u know, they should be deserving of that. our genuine smile doesnt mean we r there for just that one person. we have responsibility for anything between 100 to 400 guests on board!

    talk to u later!

  63. hi … i ‘m graduated and looking for airhostes career,,, my height is 5’5 ,, fair,, i’m 20 year old… plllzz
    tell me.. what should i do…. it’s my dream to be an airhostes…. plzz help me out..

  64. Hi all,

    I am a consultant and we have started hiring for 2 big upcomming airlines… anyone intrested please send me the updated resume with one closeup and one full picture on the given email id

    Do send in the resume as soon as possible so that you can be the the one in the pialot batch of the new airlines.

    Gaurav Sethi

  65. Hhi i am anita mukhi grom kalyan i love airhostess my height is 5.5 inches and weight is 55 kg and my face is preety and i smile always and my face color is white.

  66. Hi, I am Rubina Baral.
    I am from Sikkim.
    I have completed my 10 from Sikkim.
    I have completed my 12 from NIOS.
    I have completed my Diploma In Hotel Management from Siliguri .
    My hobbies are interact with people, traveling, dancing, and listening musics.
    My aim to be an air hostess .
    I am 19 . My weight is 45kg and my height is 152cm ..
    I am Preety , cute and beautiful.
    My face colour is white ..I have a pretty smile because of my smile everyone gets attracted towards me.
    thank you.

  67. Hey…my name is samia n i would luv to see myself as an air hostess…n m well deserve for it..may i knw d futhr steps plz..

  68. Hi i am Sakina Shrestha .my age is 17 and my weight and hight is 42 and 4’11 respectively .Is it enought ?????…….Being an air hostess will fulfiled my childhood dream.

  69. I have a dream to become a air hostess And the rules are correct and I like it… but my colour is not too fair bt still I wnt tu become a air hostessβ™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯

  70. Hello me niyati m from New delhi . Age 15 weight 56 and height is 152cm nh dream is to become air hostess

  71. my dream is become an air hostess …
    i want to be an airhostess my quality are :
    i m beatifull and able to be an air hostess.

  72. hello i m anisha …every time I used to see dream about airhostress …. I m just +16 … n dreaming to fly high ….

  73. Hi i am Kavita rathore. My age is 17and my weight and hight is 42 and 5.7 respectively.i have a dream to become a air hostess and the rules r correct nd i like it. My colour is fair nd still i wnt t u become a air hostess…:)

  74. hi i am mohammed faris my ambition is to become an airhostess but recently i knew that the salary will be less and also we cannot work for long as airhostess

  75. i m shreya chawla my height is 5.3 feet nd weight is 46 m nt so fair m i elligble fr air hostess nd tll me hw to fill admsn frm of airhostess.

  76. hi….im Poojitha. My dream is to become an airhostess… 18 yrs old… height is 5’7 nd my weight is 56 nd i use spectacles plz tel me am i fit for this or not

  77. Hi I’m lipika. My height is 5″3 and my weight is 50 kg. I’m 19 year’s old . I’m looking fair and good. I would like to be a air hostess.

    • Dont worry dear.. i am 18 n my height is nearly 5ft.. i am currently persuing my training at frankfinn. Yes earlier there was a height requirement mostly in domestic airlines but now they have come down . Its just to reach the cabinet to help the passangers to put in their luggages.. my friends are currently working with emirates, yemen, indigo, air india, spice jet..the international airlines have reduced their requirements down to 4’7″ height and are recruiting cabin crews on the basis of their interactive skills, face value and over all appeal and appearance ofcrse.. so dont worry dear.. u stand a chance πŸ™‚ is my fb id.. add me there for further information.. al d bst

  78. But i knw that till i m 20 i will have a good height …
    my height is not too short its needs to grow little bit then i will be perfect ….
    i knw after a certain age we cant be an Airhostesss …so after that i will sing song ,,, becum a singer…..

  79. Hi i m 27 yrs and i m really interested working as an airhostess … my height is 5’5″ and weight 55 kgs…i have done MBA in HR …. Am I eligible with my age and qualification…

  80. Hey! This is priyanka. my height and weight are matching the requirements but I’ve got spectacles with power. So am i capable for doing this job?

  81. I want to become an air hostresss I am 19 years old I completed my 10+2 and I interested in this I m beautiful Its my dream…

  82. Hey m ishmeet ….m 17 years old i want to become an air hostess ….my height is.6 inches and i am slim too …..

  83. helo sir …what subjects is required for 12.. and is hindi is required for international flights ???

  84. I want to do this job badly my height is 152 cm and communacation skill is good so
    what do you think ?
    I mean i should go through the interviews 😦

  85. Hi guys
    i am 17 and i wanted to become an air hostess in emirates airlines….but i am little fatty….can you guys help me to lose my weight

  86. Hlo sir or mam I m Akanksha Sharma I m 17 years old and my height is 5:3 And my weight is 40kg and my look is fair and I am persueing aviation course from from Frankfinn shimla and I want to work with international airlines so plz tell me am I capable or not

  87. Hi..I wanted to be an cabin crew but my height is 150cm and I m confident and have pleasing personality. I have completed my Btech. Can I join aviation? I am fair like snow white so there is a visible of little blemishes. .please suggest something as I love aviation. .waiting for the response

  88. Hello, I m prabhjot kaur I like airline industry bcoz its totly perfect. So I also wanted to be an air hostess .my night is 5ft 8inches.plss giving me ur suggestions.

  89. hieee I m aishwarya n I am from Maharashtra I wanted to became an airhostress my height is 5’1 and my weight is 50 kg this year I will be completing my 12 th standard exmas so plz reply me fast……I will be eagerly waiting for yours reply…thanking you

  90. I m in cls 12th with science stream … But m nt at all good in any of d subject except English ….. I don’t know how much % would I get in 12th CLS … Maybe very low % 😦 .. M I able to join????

  91. My figure is mediumslim boby my eyes so/ very good my face is good my posnility is good my image is good any think good my height 5 inch I am 17year old what should iv do to become an air hostess would u give me some suggestions my contact no ..9122035033 my name aaisha raj

  92. Hey I also want 2 become air hostess I had given my board exm in the previous year but there is a problem I m not soo fair so can I apply for this????

  93. Hello or namaste. My name is puja pokhrel.i am from nepal ,naranghat. My age is 15.I read in class 9. My dream Is to be airhostee

  94. I’m 21 and can’t swim. It’s embarrassing to learn now. Do I really need to know how to swim? Please reply ASAP

  95. I want to become an air age is 21yrs nd m 12th pass..i like ur ideas nd views so much..plz help me by notify me of your each post on my mail id..thankeww

  96. Hi..m Ahana.. I’m 18years old and I want to b an air hostess. Wht is the proper height for airhostess. N from where can I start this. I need some suggestions….

  97. hi my self pooja. ….i have every quality like experts in English but i have 4.9inch height. ……beucuse of this i never tried in air host plz if i can plz

  98. Hy…..!!!
    m anchal n m in 12th.My dream is to b n air hostess in the future.M of 17th yrs old n my weight is 44kg just. My height is 152cm. Is it kkk for n air hostess????
    plzzzzzz plzzzzzz reply

  99. hyyy im sakshi shram amy dream is become an air hostesss my weight is 45 kg, height is 152 cm plzzzzzz give me reply fast …… that what i do to become an airhostesss……….

    • Hiii!!!!! My qualification 12th. My weight is 44. My height is 146 .My aim is become airhostes so plzzzz ask any solusation plzzz replay………

  100. If I m on the job of an air hostess and after 1or 2 years I wanna gt marry I have to leave the job??or I can carry on…??

  101. I am 18 years old plz tell me sir how to become airhosters?? And my wait is 45 kg so i am able for airhosters plz reply me :

  102. Sir i am 17 years old my name is antara das and i want know that what kind of subjects commbind in class 12 are requir

  103. Hello..I am 17 now . I completed intermediate . I wanna become a air hostess .I want answer to my question that what should I do to become a air hostess and how much it expense to get a job at air ways

  104. Am 18years stdyng dgree 1st am very intsted with working @ airhostes..i have 1& hlf year expernce in event management at hosting not look fare..i mean am not white…am a middile colr..what a solutn for can i fare for doning airhostes…gv me some suggection

  105. Hlo… .. I want to become an airhostess…I am 18 years old… I m pretty but my height is short its 5 feet 2 inches & my weight is 50 kg.. can I apply for airhostess???and can u tell me what is the minimum height required for airhostess?

  106. Hi i want to become an air hostess i am 23 years old My Name Is Dinisha Gunetilleke can u please give me suggestions.

  107. Hiii.
    . I am kritika priya .I am now in 12 i have all the requirements. Which and air hostess need but my eye sight is little bit weak so what should i have to do.

  108. Hi am 22 years old , i want to become an airhostess, but my hieght 152 only, is their any possibilities. I have 3 years working experience in hospitality industry.

  109. hello,i want to b an airhostess and i m 18years old nd i knw many languages nd my hight nd weight and my complecsion is oll like thy need nd had given my 12th exam but my one subject is not clear …! so what should i do…?

  110. my skin complex is not fair and not so dark also but my hight is so good then can i apply for air hostess

  111. Hii…I m shriparna kundu.I am from purulia district.& also from a middle class height is 5’3″& my weight is 49..i just passed out the h.s exam..from science department..but I know that near about 3 lakhs will be needed to complete this course of aviation & travel management…it’s a gurannted job…??? Then what I can do to be an airhostess…??? Plz give me reply…it’s totally about my future…

  112. I want to be air hostess I live in Africa I am an Indian and I just finished from 3 I am 17 years old and I want to know that it is must to finish 1 level and how much is that total money of air hostess training

  113. Hi…I m 10+2…my height is 152 cm n weight is proportionate to height….n I m 17 ..i.e18 running …m I eligible ..???

  114. Hii..
    M sheetal biswakarma nd i want
    To become an airhostess….
    M 17yrs old n my height is 5.4″….
    And right now m in class 12 so
    Would u like to give me some suggestions…

  115. Hi i m sarita i want to become airhostess now i m 18+nd my hight is158cm nd i clear my 12exam with 78per. Marks now i am in 2yr so can u plz suggest me what to do .for this job…..

  116. l want to become in air hostess. And I m 19YRS OLD.But my right leg is long and left leg
    short.then u give me suggestions what I m is air hostess.I love air hostess job. u give some suggestions quickly.

  117. Hey m rupali.M 17 years old nd m very passionate about airhosts.. Bt my height is 5’2 only I’ve seen one pic of an airhosts she was wrknng in intrnatnl flyt but she’s tooo tall …
    Will I bcm an airhostss in intrnatnl flyt or not … 😭😭😭😭 plzzzz give me answer m very curious 2 know about it…

  118. Hello sir /mam ,my name is simmi, i am 25 and my hight is 5.7 .i really want to become an airhostess so,could you please tell me that what should i do for it ..

  119. Am 25 years old, Ugandan, hardworking, passionate, willing to learn. I would like to work to achieve the goals and objectives in accordance to the ethics, knowledge and experience in this type of work or any other work given to me, looking forward to a positive response.

  120. Hie..
    Want to an air hostess or cabin crew my height is 5.2 & my weight is 48.
    I’m eligible to become an air hostess or cabin crew?

    • Want to become an air hostess or cabin crew.
      My height is 5.2 and my weight is 48kg.
      Am I eligible for an air hostess or cabin crew?

  121. I have dark circles in my face but my height is 154 cm and weight 49 kg and my complexion is not too fair….my Hindi conversation is good and my English is fluent but not too, but I’ll practice it….
    Qualification-Studing B.E 2nd year
    Can I also apply for air hostess…..
    Give me some suggestions……. Please…..

  122. Guys don’t believe this blog… It’s not true… Air hostess don’t need 2 wear 6 inch heels on flight, they can were flats while on the flight…. Even their nails also need not 2 be an inch long…. The writer of this blog has surely written it to make it humorous I guess!!

  123. I am 35 years, and 5.3 in height, 54 in weight, I have that interest even today to become air hostess , I have a daughter who is 12 years but people say that they do not believe if at all I am married. The reason for telling is becaus I still look good, highly qualified, can speak 5 language how can I get a chance to work

  124. i am interseted to become airhosstles but i know only languages of english and telugu and i can understand hindi , now say can i apply to this job. i am correct height for my age i am 18 years old

  125. My wife is tryng to b cabin crew bt problem is dat she got pregency mark in tummy will she able to be as it ll effect in her medical ..

  126. Hi i m Tarannum i m in 10 and i m still 15 but i want to become an air hostess i am little fat and tummy what should i do to reduce my fatness pls give me suggestion

  127. Hi my name is theadora ann i’m 15 yrs my height is 158cm and my weight is 50kg.i’m from sabah being an air hostess is my dream.

  128. I am really interested to become an airhostess. I am in class 11 now
    Soon I will pass class 12 too. And my height is 5.5 but I am over weight .
    I need some suggestion .
    Please can u help me.

  129. I m not Good English speaker plz tell me how to make air hostess. I want to airhostess but I really don’t know about this. I m from up my age 21year plz help me

  130. Hii.i wnt 2 b a air hostess..its my childhood dream..but my height is not perfect…it is only 4’10 ….sooo.if my other qualities r perfect thn???? M i eligible??? If my other qualities r perfect??? Plzzzz reply ….its very important to me

  131. I really want to become an air hostess …….it is my dream to do …..i m just completed my 12th …..pls give me some suggestion .
    I also want to know that can marriage women will become air hostess…….

  132. I want to be an air hostress but my eye sight is so weak so plzz hlp me sure tat can i be a air hostress plzz plzz
    I m fair, my hight is above 5.2 inch so plzz hlp me

  133. hiii….i want b become an airhostess its my dream i am jst height is 5.3 n weight is the thng is i am married.nw cn i become an airhostess aftr marriage.plzzzzz suggest me

  134. Hey , my only problem is that my middle finger got cut in an accident ,which can be corrected with an operation.
    Am I eligible to apply for the air hostess ???
    Plz do reply

  135. Hi i am pami mazumder my dream is become a air hostess my weight is 60 can i apply for a air hotess course plz reply

  136. Hye, m tanvi shinde n m studing in 12th
    i want to become an air hostis what should I do???
    plz advice

  137. Hlw,i’m so much interested in the job,of air hostess..but i want to join in air hostess after my 12th when i’ll be of 18 ..if i’ll ‘ve 2 do any courses before joining in this…my height is 5’2″ and now i’m a student of 12 of science stream…but i’m of a WBBHSE board’s Bengali Medium’s student but i can fluently speak english ….if i’ll be able to join inthe year of 2018..?????

    • I want to be plzzz..I’m of fair complexion that i 4got to say in the past cmnt😊😊😊…and if i can do air hostess job like a part time job??..if possible then say me just asking..which thing i’ll have to do now??…plz give me the solution. I’m so much anxious to know it..😊

      • I want to be plzzz..I’m of fair complexion that i 4got to say in the past cmnt😊😊😊…and if i can do air hostess job like a part time job??..if possible then say me just asking..which thing i’ll have to do now??…plz give me the solution. I’m so much anxious to know it..😊

  138. Hello
    I m only 14 n I m in class 9th.I wants to become an air hostess. It’s my dream
    Will u help me????

  139. heyy. i m garima . i want to become an airhostess .. its mah dream bt mah height is abht 5 .. now i m in 12th i m trying to incrse mah height can i apply fir dis job?

  140. I am 18 and I wanted to be a airhostess and my height is 5.1 inch and weight is 50kg so please give a suggestion to become a airhostess.

  141. I m 14yrs old n i want to become air hostess in future.I speak well english n my complexion is clear i have brown hairs…but the only thing is m height is 5feet . Plzz help me.

  142. Hey i wanted to ask .. in case someone is working an an air hostess wirh some company so after few years saving the amount for CPL can that airhostess leave the job and go for CPL . is it practically possible ? Do air hostesses have to sign some contracts or are they bound to not leaving their job.

  143. I want to become an Airhostes,i m 24 years old,can I apply the form Nxt year means after 25 tell me,and for this Wht will I do, any diploma/degree is compulsory.. I m graduate only

  144. I am 14 years and I want to be an airhostess and love to this job to interact with them ,to take good care of them&and to travel new places too😘😘😘

  145. Hye.. I am 16 years old girl.. My aim is to be an air hostess.. My height is 157cm..I am good in speeking English as well as Hindi.. But my complexion is dusky.. does my complexion matters? Can I be an air hosstess?

  146. I want to become an air hostess my qualification is +2 and age was 20yrs old but my eye sight is – 3 please suggest something for me

  147. I want to know actually I was failed in 11th and I started studying by open for 12th can I do this air hostess course??? Plz answer my question this is urgent!!! Thank-you

  148. Is there any restrictions on wearing spectacles ?
    I wear spectacles but i want to become air hostess . Can you give some suggestions ?

  149. Hie…im jus 17.8 years old ..i only have 4 mnths to cmplt 18 years … i hv a fair complextion … and my weight is 40 kg .. n height is 5.0 please let meh kno wat to do n wat nt to do ..

  150. Hey there i want to become an airhostess n im 18years n now im in class12 after i pass i want to join but i have a tatoo in my hand so did they allow??give me suggestion please

  151. Its really good to c alia bhatt is doing diploma course in frankfinn . .for becoming an airhostess .. ridiculous !! Nb.- frankfinn won’t Change your life

  152. I’m 19 and I would like to become an airhostess my weight is 52 ,height 156 but I got a D(plain) in KCSE can I start with a certificate

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