New blog theme : Emphaino

It took me a long time to realize that my previous blog theme (Arras) was not mobile friendly by a long shot. It looks all right on a desktop, and passable on a tablet, but on a cellphone it is practically unreadable. (No wonder I don’t get as many questions these days from people looking to customize Arras).

If you are like most of my visitors and read a single post through a google search, you probably won’t notice anything wrong with the theme. But obviously, theme changes are meant to help regular blog readers find it more readable.

I dreaded the whole idea of changing themes, but it was much easier than I expected.  Probably because, for one, I didn’t spend too much time searching for a theme.  The themes these days are much better than the ones available a few years ago, and this time round I didn’t have too many requirements either.  The primary requirement was mobile-friendliness, and if it looked a little like my previous theme, that was a bonus.

Having said that, I’m not completely happy with it.  The header text seems to have a somewhat misty, fuzzy look, especially on the front page (single pages look fine). But am I going to spend a few hours trying my hand at CSS editing? Nope.  I’d like to, but with a demanding toddler, I cannot afford to.

Minor issues aside, Emphaino is a really nice theme.  It is developed by Chennai based Srinivasan G. and I think he has done a great job.


Emphaino by Srinivasan G.

I also find that page loading is now significantly faster.

So how do you like the new theme?  Do you find it more easy on the eye?

If you are reading this on your cellphone, of course, you are going to get the mobile layout and will not see any of these tiles.  That’s the whole idea.



4 thoughts on “New blog theme : Emphaino

    • You have a lovely blog. I laughed at your last few posts about increasing blog comments, readership etc. I’m sure there are people out there doing exactly that!

      I wonder how much more difficult to post by way of illustrations.

      Thanks for reading and commenting, and do keep visiting.

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