The hibernation is over

You know it’s time to blog more often (or shut down the blog) when the frequency of wordpress updates far exceeds that of your posts.

Not that there haven’t been topics I’ve wanted to blog about.  But typing on your phone (as I am doing now) or on a tablet can be really frustrating. Maybe it works for those who write short posts. Or maybe I’ll get better with more practice. I’d love to hear from those who habitually blog from their phones as to how they do it.  Tweeting and Facebook updates are one thing, long blog posts are quite another.

Not that I get the chance to sit and compose blog posts – my daughter S seems to take up every available second of my time. The only reason I finally got the free time to start this post was that S fell sick – a nasty viral infection, which meant that she wanted to lie on my lap all day long.  So I had some downtime when I could peer into a tablet (or phone) – at least until  I caught the infection from her.  But it was startling to see that so few of the blogs I follow had seen many posts either.  Clearly, blogging is dying, and soon my trusty Google Reader will be dead too.

I am emerging from a hibernation of many kinds.  Here in the upper mid-west, we are still digging out from all the snowstorms.  There is snow on the deck and ice in the shaded parts of the driveway.  It’s the vernal equinox today, the first day of astronomical spring, apparently. The key word here is “astronomical”.  It has nothing to do with the weather. Temperatures are 25 degrees below normal (and yes, well below zero celsius).  Not to mention the biting wind, and 25 mph of it.  This winter, I have sometimes wondered whether I am living in Alaska.  Mind you, parts of Alaska (the southeast, especially) are much warmer.  Juneau, the capital, has probably never seen temperatures below zero celsius.

But back to us – meteorological spring seems months away – maybe, just maybe, I can enjoy a 50 degree day in July, do you think ? If I cross my fingers and don’t jinx it? Temperatures can only increase from here on! Someday soon, we will even get to step out without dressing up like an eskimo! Lots of things to cheer about.

Grouse in my backyard

As additional proof that Spring is approaching, I even saw birds for the first time in months ! And no, they were not penguins.  I think they were grouse.  I even heard birdsong ! That was definitely not from penguins.  Granted, all this was before the last snowstorm, and I have neither seen nor heard any birds since, but no doubt they are hiding somewhere. Soon, there will be birds and something like the start of spring. And after the ice in the backyard recedes and the glaciers melt – no wait, that’s just the pond, we can even see a spot of green in the landscape ! (And no, I don’t mean the algae in the pond.)

It’s time to come out of hibernation, and I suppose my blog should too.


13 thoughts on “The hibernation is over

  1. Hey, welcome back! I too have been wondering about all those good blogs that are no
    longer updated (yours included). Blogging is dead? Oh no…hope not.

    Hope to see more from you, at least.

    And a sincere “Get Well Soon” to S and to you.

    • Well, I hope not too, I don’t want to be the last one standing 🙂 I’m quite nostalgic for the days when everyone was blogging, and I’d discover 10 new blogs every day.

    • I suppose Google is just seeing the writing on the wall that I am refusing to see. Twitter and Facebook are the new RSS feeds. Too bad, neither of them works as well as Reader did for this purpose.

  2. So, the nudge worked.
    And upper Midwest did you say? It’s snowing in the US somewhere? Well, am in Canada. So, if you’re around, now would be a good time to meet maybe 🙂
    Keep scribbling, and yes, get well both of you 🙂
    You should write more about S’ antics – am sure we all want to hear more of her stories 🙂

    • No, it is thankfully not snowing now. Not this week, hopefully not next week. Beyond that, who knows? If I get another big snowstorm, I am going to move to Florida. At least hurricanes don’t make you stay indoors for 6 months in the year.

      Canada sounds like a great place, but, er, can we wait till summer? 🙂 Maybe we should all meet up in Florida instead.

  3. Welcome back! I feared that baby S was going to take up all your time, leaving none whatsoever for blogging. But babies grow older, take longer naps and that early time of their needing you every waking moment passes sooner rather than later.

    • In this case, it looks like later rather than sooner 😦 The last couple of weeks have been especially rough, I keep thinking that maybe it’s because she is cutting her molars..although, who knows..

  4. Believe me, the need for comforting from Mommy never goes away, even after the molars come. Be prepared for the next several years, all the way into adulthood, till the next generation comes along 😉

  5. so, people can blog from their phones as well, eh? is there anything left that a phone cannot do these days?

    a wonderfully written post! hope you write more often from now on. we need bloggers like you to write more frequently than wordpress updates so that we get to read something nice.

    where do those birds go during winter in your country?

    • I wish it would do my laundry ! 🙂

      Seriously, the list does seem endless – camera & video camera, music & video player, remote control, video game player (tons of educational apps for my toddler), email, web browser..and I’m not even talking about all the niche apps out there..

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