Blank excuses

The other day, I sat down with a lot of enthusiasm to blog.  I typed a few words in the WordPress editor, and they promptly disappeared.  I typed a few more, and they too, joined their companions into invisibility.  I could still see my words in preview mode, so they were clearly there somewhere, but I couldn’t see them in the editor.  The visual editor’s icons (for aligning, linking etc) had also disappeared.

After reading different threads on and unsuccessfully trying all kinds of fixes, I came across one fix which suggested that the problem could be solved by adding a line to wp-config.php.  (Specifically,   you should add define('CONCATENATE_SCRIPTS', false);)

Except, I had no idea where wp-config.php was.  I opened Filezilla and tried to connect to my hosting provider, something I hadn’t done in years.  Of course I had forgotten the password.

After a few unsuccessful tries, I figured out the password, but Filezilla still would not connect. That turned out to be a firewall issue, so I had to fix that.

Finally, I located wp-config.php and added the line, and voila, my blog’s editor was back to normal!  Yes, I could finally get started on my post!

As if on cue, S started to bawl.  She was hungry. Or sleepy. Or both.  My window of bloggability had just closed for the day.

Time was when my absence from my blog could be explained very simply as laziness.  Nothing has changed since then – I still don’t blog frequently, but the excuses have become more complicated.


4 thoughts on “Blank excuses

  1. Not to worry, as S gets older, she will get better at supplying you with windows to blog. But you might be too busy watching her to get around to blogging.

    • You are right. I only wonder how some of those prolific mommy bloggers ever make the time to blog. What is their secret to snatching a few minutes for themselves?

  2. Extended naptimes, babysitters (or Grandma to help out). Few of them have sole care of newborns, so they can manage to squeeze in a few minutes to blog, especially if they are making money off the ads and product placements. Money is always a strong motivator 😉

  3. Hiring a babysitter while you blog makes terrific economic sense if the blog is a “professional” mommy blog. A babysitter would. after all, cost only about $15/ hour, and how many hours does a blog post need anyway?

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