New arrival

August brought a new addition to the Lekhni family – our daughter S was born.   The days and nights since then have blended together in one sleep-deprived haze.

I am also virtually under house arrest. If we do go out, it seems to invariably be to S’s pediatrician. The trips also involve lugging a huge diaper bag which seems somewhat excessive, but somehow,  within the space of an hour we seem to end up using every single item in the bag.

S and I are now at different stages of life. She is at the stage where she wants to look at people and coo at them.  I am at the stage where I want to ignore her and go to sleep.  It does not help that she likes to coo at 3 am.  It looks like along with her Indian genes, she has also inherited a body clock tuned to IST  🙂


My parents are over here to help, and I cannot imagine how I would manage without them.  I wonder how women in the US manage these initial weeks without familial help, it must be overwhelming.

It is also amazing how much stuff a tiny baby needs.  Nearly every room in the house has at least one item of S.  We opted not to put her crib in a separate nursery, so her crib, and a rocker-recliner are in our bedroom, along with diapers, wipe warmers, bottle warmers and so on.  My dresser has been mostly taken over by her. Downstairs in the family room, there is a Play Yard with a bassinet that serves as her crib during the day.  The family room is also littered with a swing, a gym/ play mat, changing pad, various boxes with her diapers, dresses and every imaginable kind of baby product.  Her car seat and strollers are in another room.  One kitchen countertop has been taken over by bottle drying racks and sterilization equipment.  Hand sanitizers are now to be found in every room.  If this is bad enough, I know it is only going to get worse from here – at least the floor is not littered with her toys – yet.

The list of things a baby in the US finds a necessity seems to be rather a long one. I got a lot of help from  Patrix and Ash in navigating the maze of stuff  I needed to buy – Ash sent me a spreadsheet she had which listed the essentials and the desirables, along with suggestions on brand, price etc. which was very useful. R spent a lot of time researching every thing from car seats and strollers to different types of cloth diapers (and that’s a subject for a whole new  post).

I don’t have time for any such research now.  It is not the recovery from the C-section that has been hard, it is the lack of sleep that has made these last few weeks tough to bear.  I sleep in intervals of one and two hours, and for someone who has never missed her eight hours of sleep, whatever the occasion, this is a little tough.  But it is getting better – not because she is sleeping longer, but I am learning to manage with less sleep 🙂

So there it is, folks, and now I think I am going to take a nap.


19 thoughts on “New arrival

  1. Congrats… your to do list continues to expand…one of this (in the coming months) will be moving all your artifacts to a height which is unreachable by the little one…

    Enjoy..they grow up real fast !!!!

    • Oh yes, child proofing this house is going to be the next challenge. Plugging all the power outlets at floor level and moving stuff would just be the beginning I suppose. Time flies, doesn’t it? The last year has certainly flown by..

  2. Congratulations! I was wondering about the long silence from your end – how lovely that S was the reason behind it!
    Having been there, done it, as far as the whole sleepless night part goes, all I can say is that all that goes by in the blink of an eye – so enjoy every moment!
    Looking forward to watching her grow virtually,


    • Thanks! When I think about it, the last two months (and for the matter, the last year) has flown at light speed, so I can well imagine that all this will pass in the blink of an eye. Sleepless nights apart, I’m not sure I want it to pass by so fast 😦

      A lot of the long silence was sheer laziness, I have to admit.

    • Thanks, I’m not sure it excuses my long absence – certainly I’ve been run off my feet in the last couple of months, but I had no excuse before then 😦 They do grow fast, don’t they? Right now, every day seems to be something new..

  3. Hi Lekhni,
    Wonderful news! Even more wonderful that you’re already blogging, even replying to comments! Hats off to you. My little one is 6 months old and I’m yet to start blogging regularly,
    And yes, I’ve wondered too about the American/Western women managing on their own after having babies. Can’t even begin to think about single mothers in this situation.
    Aren’t parents, especially our mothers, the biggest support system ever?
    Congratulations and take care,

    • Thanks, well it’s too early to pat myself on the back. Let’s see how long this burst of energy lasts 🙂 Congrats to you on your little one, I guess he/ she is keeping you on your toes..with two kids to take care of, I’m not surprised that you find no time for blogging.

      And you’re right, I’m not sure what we would do without our mothers..

  4. My sister did everything on her own and is still doing so…it is truly overwhelming. But as she says in her post – “Being a mother is learning about strengths you didn’t know you had, and dealing with fears you didn’t know existed. ~Linda Wooten. It is true- no matter how ill prepared you think you are, you will rise to the occasion.”
    I am sure you will too. best wishes and congratulations.

    • I suppose one has no choice but to rise to the occasion 😀 Thanks for the wishes. It is getting better, although some days are much worse than the others. It’s amazing how quickly one learns to cope.

  5. Visiting you after a long time, Lekhni! Hearty congratulations, and enjoy the cooing!
    I’m sure things are better now. Take care, and keep us posted.

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