Baba and the batsman

As I read through the news coverage of Sathya Sai Baba’s death, it struck me how we (or at least our news media) seem to view news events as one more excuse to talk about cricket players.

Why does there seem to be more coverage of Sachin’s grief following Sathya Sai Baba’s death, rather than the events at Puttaparthi itself?

Over just two days, the Hindu has printed multiple articles on how much Sachin has been grieving :

Tendulkar down on birthday following Sai Baba’s demise(April 24)

Sachin avoids referring to Sri Sathya Sai Baba’s demise(April 24)

Sachin sets aside grief, takes to the field(April 24)

Tendulkar’s birthday celebrated on a lowkey(April 25)

Tendulkar pays last respects to Sathya Sai Baba(April 25)

Pic courtesy: The Hindu

Pic courtesy: The Hindu

It’s not just the Hindu, every other newspaper seems to find this the most important news.

I’m sure there are thousands (millions?) of other Sai Baba devotees, but have any of them won a cricket World Cup for India recently?  There may also be quite a number of relevant news articles/ analyses that could have been written – about the succession at Puttaparthi, the full details of the Baba empire, about godmen in general (I’d love to have seen a history of famous godmen and their celebrity devotees) but would any of them (except the last idea) have been as interesting as an article about Sachin Tendulkar?

The only thing that is surprising is that I haven’t so far read any wisecracks about one God grieving over another.


7 thoughts on “Baba and the batsman

  1. Hey, back to the blogosphere after a long time! You’re right, the media did go overboard with the coverage of Sachin grieving over Sai Baba’s demise. Lazy journalism, I guess.

    • Yes, not what one would expect of a paper like the Hindu 😦 Or maybe I am just guilty of unrealistic expectations. Thanks for the welcome! It’s good to know there are still readers..

  2. Nice one, Lekhni.
    I think you have far too high an opinion of The Hindu. Sadly, it is no more than a rag these days, and I think it is patronized mainly by the older generation and those unwilling to give up the habit of years.

    • It is shocking and rather disappointing, right? Every newspaper seems to be racing others to the bottom, and the Hindu seems to be no exception 😦

  3. Sai baba was an icon to many including tendulkar.There was nothing wrong in the coverage of the death of sai baba.

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