The Big Thaw

A strange figure came over the other day, someone whom I no longer recognized (or believed in).  He called himself the  Piper of Spring, and claimed he could chase Mr. Winter away.  I didn’t believe him – Mr. Winter didn’t look like he was going anywhere.  But the Piper started his magic anyway.

It started with lines in the pond’s ice packing:


The packing turned to cracking:


The cracking became bigger with water attacking:


And out of the skies, the geese came honking :


Soon after the Piper left, it snowed again.


6 thoughts on “The Big Thaw

  1. Ahhh that elusive Piper… He has paid exactly two visits to New York this spring. He seems to have lost the tug-of-war with winter!
    Lovely photos, especially the last one.

    • Hopefully the Piper is a fighter – somebody needs to tell Mr. Winter he has gone too far this time. As to the photos – it’s striking, isn’t it, how much more beautiful the pond looks when it is liquid rather than when it is covered with that drab ice? 🙂 I too, loved the way the goose posed.

  2. Sitting here in almost pleasant Dehradun, where spring is leaving to give room to the well-known Indian summer and mangoes, the snow, the ice, the lake, all seem such exotic things. But yes, I agree with you and Kamini, the goose and the blues of water are certainly the best of the lot.

    • Ah, mangoes! You know how envious I am ? Snow and ice are all overrated; mangoes on the other hand.. 🙂 (Also, welcome to the blog!)

    • Much better! It seems to rain every other day but that’s Spring for you. The lawn is green and the daffodils are blooming. When it’s not raining, I can even sit outside on the deck with a book and listening to the blackbirds and the ducks (both of whom need music lessons, but still..)

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