Did Sleeping Beauty snore?

Two days and twenty nine years after Diana Spencer’s wedding to Prince Charles, there was another fairytale wedding in the world (if you go by the US newspapers atleast).  We have been treated to front page stories every day on Chelsea Clinton’s fiance, speculations on the wedding venue,  her dress, guest list, the wedding cost, you name it.  For the last couple of weeks, the New York Times and Washington Post have turned into People magazine on steroids.

This fascination with fairy tale weddings is perhaps not surprising, after all, we are brought up on stories of such weddings – right from Cinderella to Sleeping Beauty to any number of princesses who kissed frogs / lived in drafty, leaky turrets / made their suitors slay dragons.


Unfortunately all our fairy tales end with the wedding.   Why is that? Is it because the story doesn’t sound anything like a fairy tale after the wedding?

Is that when the Prince discovers that Sleeping Beauty is always sleepy because she has sleep apnea and she snores?

Does Cinderella find herself firing every maid in the palace because none of them do as good a job as she used to?

Does the famously nitpicky Goldilocks get irritated every morning because her husband does not leave his toothbrush in exactly the right way in the bathroom? (Does she fire her cook because the salt in the porridge is never just right?)

Do Rapunzel and her Prince have a fight when she decides she really likes a short bob rather than those high-maintenance long tresses? Does she call him a male chauvinist and say he is worse than the Witch?

I’m trying to think of other fairy tales and how they would have really ended, if only people told the whole story.

Any other fairytale story suggestions ?


12 thoughts on “Did Sleeping Beauty snore?

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  2. Hey you can start a whole new contest here…modern end to old fairy tales…includes the prince getting a pre nup signed from Cinderella…

    • Absolutely, consider the contest started! Why do you think Cinderella should sign a pre-nup? (Although, I must say I wouldn’t trust that fairy godmother if I were the Prince – every time I argue with Cinderella, she might turn me into a pumpkin or something).

  3. I don’t wanna sound like an over-satisfied women (esp since i’m a guy ) but

    yes… yes.. yes.. yes.. yes.. yes …

    don’t forget rahul mahajan’s fairy tale wedding(s)

  4. What fun! I suppose it’s better not to know. Princes might turn back into frogs, or worse, pigs of the male chauvinist variety. If we really knew who snored, and how loudly, the probability of any wedding ever taking place at all would plummet:)

  5. Interesting that every prince that comes along is always Prince Charming. Also, I wonder how the prince managed to kiss Sleeping Beauty, who was sleeping for so many years. Was he not repelled by her bad breath? Who cut her nails and hair which continues to grow no matter what? And what about bed sores, body odour? OMG!!!
    Grimm’s fairy tales were just that. Grim. Then Disney waved it’s magic wand on them and voila! they turned into cuddly, adorable, sweet, innocent tales with cherub faced princesses, cute little animals and sauve princes.

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