Toilet humor in the New York Times

Dear New York Times Contributor,

The next time you plan to renovate the only bathroom you have in your apartment, consider these options:

1. Please stay in a hotel;

2. Stay with friends/ neighbors/relatives;

3. Take a vacation and travel somewhere;

4. Did I mention – stay in a hotel?

Whatever you decide to do, please do not decide to use the kitchen as a bathroom.  That sort of thinking should usually disappear at age 3.   If you are even thinking about it seriously, you need to see a therapist.  Since you live in NYC, you can find one in every block, right beside the Starbucks.

If you are going to do something this gross, though, please don’t tell the world about it.   Please DO NOT write an article in the NYT about how to soap yourself while showering in a storage box.  Or even worse, about pouring your urine down the kitchen sink. I really don’t want to know. Yes, really.  I’m sure the rest of NYT’s readers too, would rather live out their lives without this information.

(Although, tell your landlady.  Any person who plans to lease the apartment next might be very interested).

Bathtub in a Box - Pic courtesy New York Times/Tony Cenicola

Bathtub in a Box – Pic courtesy New York Times/Tony Cenicola

Dear New York Times,

1. What were you thinking?

2.  Did you think this article was

(a) educational ?

(b) funny ?

(c) interesting ?

3.  If this is going to be a regular feature, what will you publish next on these lines?   I cannot even begin to imagine.

Just so you know, I like to read your newspaper over my morning tea, and I also like to read it without gagging.

It looks like I now have to choose between the Times and my tea.

I heard your circulation is decreasing every year.  I wonder why?


11 thoughts on “Toilet humor in the New York Times

  1. Hehe…may be the author had one of those experiences and wishes to prevent his/her readers from experiencing them first hand!!!! Otherwise yeah..with Rupert Murdoch closing in , there is not too much to write about is there? Cheers

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  3. Well..looks like they’ll take whatever they get in terms of articles…

    This reminds me of the time we first moved to Singapore and found that most of the Govt apartments had the second bathroom (read toilet) attached to the kitchen 😐 and most had plastic doors ….

    • I guess they placed it there so the toilet and kitchen could share common plumbing? I can’t imagine why anyone thought this would be a good idea..

  4. The article may have worked if it was funnier. As it is, it’s just gross. With too many details. Wonder what the reporter would think about the facilities in the Mumbai slums?

    • Oh, the attitude in that case would be completely different – the slums would just be considered very dirty and unhygienic. People have a great way with double standards 🙂

  5. boy that’s something….

    the things people do in the name of creativity… if you can plz ask the writer of the NYT post what he will do when the sink also stops working…

    i think he’ll go desi .. and start hunting for bushes

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