2nd top spam generating country – India?

These days,  my blog gets a lots of comments everyday, and by lots, I mean hundreds of comments a day, mostly from users in India.  Unfortunately, I end up deleting practically all of them.

They are all spam comments (of course, what else can I expect?).  Akismet correctly recognizes them nearly all the time, but occasionally, it lets a few slip by.  Maybe it knows how much I like readers’ comments (and how few of them I get).  Here’s a sample of the spam love I get, and note the .in web addresses of the authors.


Sample of Spam Love


So I wasn’t too surprised to read this article in the Hindu about how India is the second top spam generating country in the world.  This is based on a study by Sophos, and you can see the list on their website here.

Over at SpamHaus, they have a list of the top 10 worst spammers, and who do you think makes it all the way to #3?  Someone called Herbal King from India.


Pic: Spamhaus


You cannot imagine how happy it makes me to see Indians succeeding in one more IT related area.

Has any of you also noticed a sudden increase in spam-comment love on your blogs from .in websites?


11 thoughts on “2nd top spam generating country – India?

  1. Not from .in websites, but i get many of such spam comments from Indian locations.

    “Great article”, they would say.

    I mean, tell me something i don’t know!

    • Oh yes, those too. Or “I’ve bookmarked your blog” or “please tell me how to add your feed”. Unfortunately, Akismet doesn’t catch this kind of spam half the time.

    • Those are the majority, I agree, but Akismet effortlessly catches these, so I never notice them anymore. The spammers are now becoming more and more inventive, and increasingly I find Akismet dropping the ball every now and then.

    • Thankfully, I was able to find it 🙂 The V-word obviously set it off, and sadly Akismet doesn’t seem to be able to distinguish between long-time commenters and spam 😦

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