From snowstorms to Condo Central

As much as I love snow, and  as much as my garden looks like a winter wonderland, there are only so many snowstorms one can take.  This year the snow Gods seem to have been a little over-enthusiastic in spreading the bounty.  I wish they would be enthusiastic elsewhere, like, say, the Sahara, but apparently, that’s not how they work.

So I am rather glad that the view from my window looks like this:


Although, to be fair, it also looks like this :


In fact, every part of the scenery that is not actually water seems to have either a crane or a condo on it.  Those tall buildings you see are the condos of South Beach, Miami. This whole area might as well be renamed Condo Central.

But I’m not complaining.  Right now, I  much prefer seeing condos to snow.


8 thoughts on “From snowstorms to Condo Central

  1. I wonder if Miami is any warmer…last year I went there around the same time and it was pretty cold. The beaches were rather….deserted!

    I hear this winter brought some snow Florida’s way! That’s pretty awesome. (Not)

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