A welcome bill in the mail

I was a little surprised to find a bill from the dentist in my mail.  Surely I had paid the clinic during my visit, for whatever insurance did not cover?  Yes, I still had the receipt in my purse.  Still puzzled, I opened the envelope and what do I find?  My dentist’s office had just spent $0.44 to send me a bill for $0.00.

Pic: Jason MacArthur/ Flickr

Pic: Jason MacArthur/ Flickr

It’s always nice to read a $0 bill, and it’s too bad more companies don’t send me bills like that.  Perhaps every service I have already paid for for online should send me a $0 paper bill?  It would make my day, and certainly the USPS’s – those poor souls drive through snow and rain to deliver mostly junk marketing mails.  Delivering junk bills must count as an improvement.  There is also the advantage of reducing those pesky, CO2 emitting trees that we seem to be infested with.

But there was more to the bill – a last date to pay the $0 by, and even more considerately,  an enclosed envelope for me to send them the $0.

It was when I looked at the envelope that I felt a little disappointment – shouldn’t it have been prepaid ?


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