This used to be my driveway

It’s now, apparently, a (cross-country) ski run 🙂

The front lawn

Somewhere under all that cake icing, you will also find a front garden.

A view of the neighborhood

My travel plans are all in shambles.  I have just spent 7 hours at the airport, playing roulette re-book with American Airlines representatives.  I will return for more tomorrow.

The grand irony is  – it’s not the 3 or 4 inches you see here (which must have already become 6 or 7 inches or more) that’s causing the delays.  The airport is functioning smoothly and there is hardly any snow on the roads.

It’s the “upto 1 inch” of snowfall they had today in Dallas that made them decide to stop all incoming flights pretty much  shut down the airport.


20 thoughts on “This used to be my driveway

  1. I lived in a snowy (one of the snowiest in the US) place too and things almost always ran on clockwork. that made the snow bearable. its places with moderate amounts of snow that crib, complain and make a mess!

    • That’s true. I am guessing cities with frequent snowfalls have more snow plows/ salt trucks, possibly more funds to procure all this and enough staff too. Cities with infrequent snow probably find themselves overwhelmed.

    • I’m guessing it’s uncommon too (any Dallas readers can comment?) And we took the snow everywhere we went. It snowed 4″ in New Mexico while we were there 😦

  2. beautiful! the picture i mean:-)
    i used to drool over the breathtaking beauty of snow covered earth – till now. am in chicago feeling brrrrrrrr, and refusing to go out.
    oh for the sunny trivandrum!

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