Memories of Bhopal

Twenty five years ago on this date, I was in Bhopal.  We all know what happened on the night of Dec. 2nd., 1984.

Unfortunately, nothing much has happened in the twenty five years since then.  Warren Anderson, then chairman on Union Carbide, has still not been extradited due to “US business interests”, compensation to the affected has been meagre (Rs, 25,000? really?) and thousands more were kept out of the settlement.

And now, with all these issues,  the State government wants to spend Rs 116 crores on a memorial.

Mr. Gaur, a former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister, said the State government has sought Rs. 116 crore from the Centre to build a memorial for the victims in the factory premises spread over an area of 67 acres. However, he said that people would not be allowed to enter the Factory unit which once manufactured pesticides, adding the visitors can see it from a distance.

I can see exactly whom this memorial would benefit.

Two years ago,  I had blogged about my own memories of the Bhopal gas tragedy.  I have nothing more to add, really.   I am, of course, one of the lucky ones – having lived through Bhopal to blog about it.


3 thoughts on “Memories of Bhopal

    • That is a moving article – thanks for pointing me to it. I wish someone would take note. The US may have never been a colonizer, or treated other countries like colonies, but US corporations have a whole different story 😦

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