Redundant plugins, fatal errors and WordPress upgrades

Some weeks back, I tried to upgrade to WordPress 2.7.1.  It all worked perfectly, until it didn’t.  I got a message saying “Fatal error: Cannot redeclare  pclziputilpathreduction”.  Now, most software terminology sounds Greek to me anyway, but this particular statement seemed to be trying too hard.  Pclziputilpathreduction indeed.  No, don’t ask me how to pronounce that.

I googled around and found that all it means is that you still have the WordPress Automatic upgrade plugin.  Deactivate the plugin and everything should be fine, a website informed me.   Which turned out to be great advice.  It made a lot of sense – after all, I told myself, doesn’t WordPress 2.7 already incorporate the Automatic Upgrade feature?  I don’t need a separate plugin anymore.

But the Automatic Upgrade plugin remained in my “Inactive Plugins” list, as I didn’t have the heart to banish it forever.  Today, I find this – ” There is a new version of WordPress Automatic Upgrade available. View version 1.2.5 Details or upgrade automatically.”

Investigation reveals that this is what the new update does :  (I am quoting from here):

Update Feb 19th 2009: If you are having issues with upgrading WordPress 2.7 and above, or if WPAU is not displaying a nag to upgrade, we have released a newer version, please read the release post for WordPress Automatic Upgrade 1.2.5.

What I don’t understand though, is this  if I can manage perfectly well without the plugin, why should I have the plugin, and then have to upgrade it to fix the issue? Are the creators of WP-Automatic Upgrade simply not willing to accept that the plugin is redundant in WP 2.7 ?


13 thoughts on “Redundant plugins, fatal errors and WordPress upgrades

  1. Ah, you see the best thing is not to use WP auto-upgrade plugin. If one is with a host that WP recommends, those hosts have optimised the process to make WP work seamlessly with all your other things although they expect you to check afterwards etc.

    What I find annoying is the frequent upgrades of my _theme_. That really drives me up the wall. The customisations have to be checked with a fine tooth comb afterwards.

    But then, I chose hosting so have to live with it. I am glad it is now so easy that I can not just consider hosting but do it; in the earlier avatar of the web, I would have never considered the possibility at all.

    Good luck! I think you will find plenty sympathy and co-sufferers on this one 🙂

    • I am glad my theme doesn’t upgrade frequently (or if it does, I have no idea 😉 ) Thankfully, with most updates being automatic, I haven’t had to spend much time on site maintenance so far..

  2. Keith D’Souza who has developed the WPAU plugin had relegated the plugin to the redundant trash bin after WP 2.7 came out. But upon several requests to reinstate the plugin coz it offers more options than the inbuilt WP Upgrade, he relented. I experienced some problems with permissions while using the WP Upgrade feature for couple of my blog. So I might use the plugin for some blogs not for others. It is always good to have options.

  3. Being a software person, i read this and smile because this looks like a user requirement than engg requirement which enggs maintain it and get cruxified for it because some users unable to do without it while all the engineers want ia to remove it. I smile as i see this post

  4. I frown in concentration while reading this post, since most of it is still “greek and latin” (which, of course, i don’t understand!! :mrgreen: ) to me!!

    But all the best for the upgradation, anyways!! 🙂 🙂

    • Trust me, it’s not that bad, though I was quaking in my boots too, on what I needed to learn if I shifted to self-hosting. But it’s been much easier than I’d feared..

  5. I don’t know anything about that plugin specifically. But one scenario where I can see a plugin still being in use after the app gives similar functionality is when the plugin is more user friendly/useful etc. Depends on how many functions are redundant in the plugin.

    • That’s true. But the WPAU plugin doesn’t offer any customization either that I remember. In practice, the plugin works the same as the upgrade feature in 2.7.1 now does..

  6. Well, I am finally experimenting with wordpress on another blog till I choose between blogger and wordpress. I find WP templates a lot superior and waiting for someone to port the template to blogger is painful.
    Although I am struggling a bit, I find wordpress better laid out. A bit weak on widgets I felt.

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