An itch to spend

I was speaking with an aunt on Skype when my palm started itching.? It was my right palm, let me specify, as I realize that is important.

“Why are you rubbing your palm?” My aunt asked.? I was trying to be unobtrusive, but she has eagle eyes.

“My palm is itching”, I said.

She suddenly looked worried.? “Which palm is it?” she asked me.

“The right one. It has been itching since morning.”

“That is not good. The right palm should not itch”, she said.? Then she fell silent.

I was starting to panic a little now.? Did she know something I didn’t? Was this an ominous early symptom of an incurable disease?? I was now hyperventilating a little, and I wondered if that was also a symptom of that same disease.

“Why, what’s wrong if my palm itches?” I finally asked her, trying to sound unconcerned.

“It means you will lose Money.” she replied.

I heard her capitalize the “M” in Money.

“What, like millions?” I wanted to know.? Of course, I don’t have millions, unless you are counting in paise, or maybe, just maybe, if you are counting in cents.? Losing millions actually seemed an attractive proposition, for it meant I would have to make those millions first.

“I don’t know”, she said.? “All I know is, for women, if the right palm itches, they will lose Money.”

“Why is it bad only for women?” I asked.? “What if the right palm itches for men? Won’t they lose money? ”

“No, men will lose money only if their left palm itches”, she said.

What, are we supposed to be mirror images of men now?? I was shocked that gender discrimination had sneaked in insidiously even into palm itching.? Were even our superstitions not safe now?? What next – black cats should not cross men’s paths and pink cats for women?? Although, if I saw a pink cat, I would probably run screaming anyway.

As I was thinking all this, I started to rub my left palm.? “Now my left palm is also itching”, I wailed.? “Looks like I am going to lose a lot more money.”

She brightened up immediately.? “No, no”, she said.? “You will make money if your left palm itches.”

Great! I wished my left palm would itch a little more.? Maybe I would make those millions then.

“Will it cancel off the right palm, do you think?” I asked her.? “What if my left palm itches much more than my right? palm?? But wait, my right palm has been itching for hours, and my left palm, only for a few minutes.? So, do I only make about 5% of what I lose?”

“I don’t know all that,” she said a little impatiently, even a little irritably.? “If your left palm is itching now, it’s good, that’s all I can tell you.”

I could see that I was not going to get any more answers from her.

Still, it was nice to know that I could predict whether I would make money just by checking whether my palm itched.

Maybe I should start buying Powerball tickets, I thought.? If my left palm itched near the Powerball vending machine, I would know I was going to be a winner.

Still, not everyone is a believer.? We were shopping at the mall the other day, and I wanted to visit the Coach showroom.? R was not interested.

“You just bought a Coach handbag two weeks back because there was a sale!” he protested.? “Why do you want to go there again?”

“I just want to see what new bags have come in after the sale!”, I said.? “I don’t plan on buying anything.? See, my right palm is not even itching!”

But sadly, R was unmoved.

There was worse to come.? I was having a very interesting conversation with V on Skype the other day.? I hadn’t even realized that I was rubbing my palm while talking to him.

“Why don’t you apply some moisturizer on your palm?” he asked.

I absentmindedly reached for the moisturizer and spread a dollop on my left palm, as I continued my conversation.

My left palm stopped itching.

I glared at V.

“What happened?” he asked, looking puzzled.

“You just made me lose a lot of money.”

He didn’t believe me.? But my palms have stopped itching since then.? Not the right palm, which is good, but not the left either.

How will I know now whether I am going to spend or save? 😦


25 thoughts on “An itch to spend

  1. Ok. so basically all i have to do now is find something which i am allergic to, and hold to it with dear life with my left hand?

    there is something similiar with eyelids fluttering as side gets you money (dont remember which one). And if some bird droppings land on your head.

    Why am i still poor?

    Lekhni: Bird droppings landing on head ? That seems too high a price to pay. But I could try fluttering my eyelids 😉

  2. LOL 😀 Very funny!!
    There is a similar superstition related with eyes. But I dont remember it 🙂
    Pink cats! eewwww! I love cats but pink? eewww!

    Lekhni: Maybe we should start compiling all the superstitions about making money. With the economy being what it is, that compilation may be handy 😉

  3. Hahaha, you can make this a category. There are hundreds like these. Apparently I would get more new clothes if my nails have this whitish thing over them!

    Lekhni: You are welcome to send in more – we could start compiling all of them 🙂
    I’d read that white spots are caused by zinc deficiency, but new clothes, who knew? Here’s an easier way – apparently, if you wear your clothes inside out, you get new clothes too 😀

  4. So your auntie can *see* you over Skype? Hmm. I had no idea you were an pre-alpha-tester of Skype’s futuristic, path-breaking, 22nd century, space age technology! 😉

    Lekhni: I take it, then, that you’ve never used Skype videocall?

  5. Do the soles of your feet itch? Then you will travel.

    Throw all those moisturizers away.

    Lekhni: Even better, I have a mole on my sole 🙂 Guaranteed to make me travel, apparently.

  6. 😆 i knew about the superstition… but i couldn’t estimate its speed of happening… 😛

    Lekhni: Yes, that’s another thing they don’t tell you. Will I get the money today or next year? How can I budget for this month if I don’t know that??

  7. So funny! I’ve heard similar stuff about the eyebrows twitching, and I can never remember which side signifies what!

    Lekhni: Eyebrow twitches too? Our ancestors seem to have covered all possibilities 😛

  8. Can you fedex a few of those hairy caterpillars from your garden? I think the black ones itch like hell! I’d buy out Reliance in a week!

    Lekhni: At the rate the market is falling, buying out Reliance may not cost much 😉
    And no, I refuse to grab any caterpillars, you are welcome to come and grab them yourself 🙂

  9. You should speak to Mr. Paulson about this new approach to money management…

    Lekhni: You mean, if Paulson’s palm itches, it’s a heuristic estimate of the budget deficit ? 😛

  10. LOL at “Although, if I saw a pink cat, I would probably run screaming anyway”.

    Did I say I love reading you?

    Lekhni: Thanks 🙂 Well, wouldn’t you ? 🙂

  11. he he … it is all superstition I guess! I have heard this too. LOL at pink cats! I think i will either run away or pour a bucket of water on it to see if someone bathed it in pepto bismol.

    Lekhni: The pepto bismol is a good idea 🙂 Reminded me of that Panchatantra story of a jackal that fell in a vat of dye..

  12. And my palm never itches at all.. moisturiser or not! What do I do *gives scared look* Am I never gonna make any money? at all? *goes to wail in a corner*

    Lekhni: No fear, apparently, there are also eyebrows and who knows what else 😉

  13. Good one as usual.
    If I saw a female black cat, I would never venture out for a week, because that is double trouble!

    Lekhni: Thanks! Although, I can’t resist saying, isn’t it the (male) tomcat that fights and caterwauls in the night? 😉

  14. ROFL! Yea…i’ve heard this too. And in case you are interested, it’s said if you give out money on a Tuesday, you’ll definitely have to give out on the fllowing friday too! And if you receive money on a tuesday, you’ll receive more the following friday! 😀

    Lekhni: Interesting! I only wonder, if everyone believed this, then no one would pay anyone on Tuesdays, so no one else will also receive anything on Tuesdays. So let’s keep this a secret from those unbelievers who are going to give us money on Tuesdays 😛

  15. I have no clue why my pic changes in your blog alone! In every other blog, I appear in a different pic! Is thr some money-reated matter in this too???

    Lekhni: No money involved 🙂 Your avatar will be the same on all blogs, but if you want it to appear on self-hosted blogs, you should sign up for a gravatar. It’s free and will take only 2 minutes.

  16. I am back after a long snooze. Was busy with exams.

    Anyways, my goodness, this superstitions are still around! Though I might not admittedly ignorant, but some times I know it’s difficult not to believe all this. Especially the cat and the eye twitching. That just freaks me out!

  17. I think it’s right hand itching = $$ for both sexes. The test is to always use moisturizer and STILL have itchy hands. If your hands are NOT dried out and cracking but still itch, then it’s true luck.

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