Asteroid hit Earth

At 10:47 EST last night, I was glad to note that I was still alive ;)? After all, the Earth had just survived being struck by an asteroid a minute ago.

It was very comforting to read about the impending collision about five minutes before it happened.? I was even more relieved to find that scientists had predicted the collision way in advance – a full 6 hours before, actually.

The scientists say that they could have predicted the impact even earlier if only the asteroid had been larger.? So it’s really the asteroid’s fault -? It was too small, only about 6 feet wide.? Now, if it had been a mile long, then the scientists could have told you a few days in advance.

Or maybe they wouldn’t bother anyway.? After all,? we know what happened to the dinosaurs.? (They didn’t have enough time to sue the scientists 😉 )

As for last night’s asteroid – well, it mostly burned up over Sudan.? There was a fireball, and a few fragments hit the Earth.

I hope one of those fragments hit a Sudanese warlord on the head.


14 thoughts on “Asteroid hit Earth

  1. For all you know the earth must actually be willing an asteriod to come hit it, if for nothing else than to have the human race be cleared out, and lessen its burden 🙂

    Lekhni: Ah, the Gaia theory 😀

  2. Thank god it burned up!

    Lekhni: The scientists were predicting that it would get completely burned up in the atmosphere, but it looks like some fragments did in fact hit the earth.

  3. If the scientists would have been a little more prompt, we would have brought it down by a nuclear missile.

    Lekhni: I think it’s better to use a nuclear missile to nudge its orbit away from a collision course, rather than shoot it down. If it was a giant asteroid, shooting it down won’t help much 😦

  4. I didnt even know such a thing happened!! If there was collision , what place would it have been?

    Lekhni: It was coming down over Sudan. The fireball would have been visible in the skies over eastern Africa.

  5. Hi,
    I would like to hear Sarah Palin’s reaction on this.
    I guess it would be on the following lines – ‘It is part of the liberal media’s scheme to undermine me and republican party’s image. McCain, a maverick, and I promise the people of America that this would not happen in our administration. We will take all required measures by reaching across party lines,to ensure that hockey moms across the country are not affected. After all, it is about job creation and healthcare reforms. I would also like to highlight my foreign policy experience having almost hugged the Pakistan president. Also I ask the wisdom of reading the newspapers if such events are not reported in advance.’:-)

    Lekhni: That’s funny 🙂 I am sure she would have called the asteroid “mavericky” and told the people “I’ll get back to ya” on a plan to tackle the impending collision 😉

  6. I can *totally* see some Sudanese kid using that flaming asteroid as an excuse to not do his homework.

    Lekhni: “The asteroid burnt my homework” does have a certain ring to it 🙂

  7. So much for Armageddon (the movie)… admittedly, that asteroid’s a bit bigger, but this just goes to prove that those physics were really fucked up. 😉

    Lekhni: Yeah right, at this rate the whole idea of scientists AND government officials discussing and planning in advance seems a little fantastic 😉

  8. OMG! i missed out on a superb view… 😦 jus imagine an orange speck in the sky attempting in vain to paint the sky! newaz… i’m glad it burned up… all for the planet’s sake… 😛

    Lekhni: Nice imagination 🙂 But no, it was only visible over Africa.

  9. Hey, didn’t I read about this a day in advance? Or maybe it was the timezone thing.

    What’s up with all these Armageddon things now? Suddenly you have Swiss (of all people) trying to blow earth (possible universe) up, universe trying to blow the earth up (probably in retaliation, everybody on earth trying to blow each other up…

    Lekhni: Well, it was predicted only a few hours in advance, as this article’s headline hilariously tells us 🙂

  10. LOL! the dailymail article made a mockery out of the scientists 😉 I cracked on the joke about Sudanese kids homework and the fragments hitting the head of warlords!!! 😀

    Lekhni: Trust km to come up with something hilarious 😀

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