It’s a long walk, can I have a pizza first?

Who says turtles aren’t intelligent?? These turtles certainly are.

About 60 newly hatched turtles decided to turn around and grab a bite at a beachside Italian restaurant before heading off to sea.

Why Italian, you might wonder.? Obviously, they were bored with seafood 😉


11 thoughts on “It’s a long walk, can I have a pizza first?

  1. Hopefully, Turtle Soup was not in the menu! 🙂

    Lekhni: NOW I know why they didn’t go to that seafood place! Not because they didn’t like the menu, but because they didn’t want to BE it 😮
    Great idea, Rada 😀

  2. Funny post. Funnier comments!!

    Lekhni: Oh yes, the comments have been hilarious 🙂 I suspect my commenters find a post tagged “Humor”, find there is really none in it, take pity on me and proceed to supply the missing humor 😀

  3. Italian food gets people to turn turtle ! Thats something that i have heard. But turtles turning to Italilan food..!?!

    Lekhni: They heard of shell pasta and decided they could use some 😉

  4. where did you get the pizza bit from? i suspect they were going for the turtellini.

    Lekhni: That’s a good one 😀
    They are kids, right, shouldn’t they gravitate towards pizza (or mac and cheese)?

  5. On a tangent, did you know that the sex of turtles is determined by the incubation temperature? Cooler temperatures produce males and warmer ones, females?

    Lekhni: I’d heard that about crocodiles, I can see that it might be true of turtles as well.

  6. On a serious note, this is a well-known problem where newly hatched turtles get confused by human-made lights in nearby apartments, restaurants etc. and head towards them instead of to the sea – they follow bright light on the horizon. That’s why on some beaches known for turtles hatching, biologists are working with locals to screen their lights, or to turn them off during hatching time. Turtles are amazing creatures!! More here:

    Lekhni: I am not sure if it’s the bright lights of the horizon they are attracted to, or the glitter of the surf. Given that their heads are almost level with the ground, I would assume it’s the surf.

    I wonder if turtles also get imprinted. Would these turtles now think their mother is a pizza ? 😉

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