Sad miscarriage, but not of justice

The Niketa Mehta saga ended sadly with a miscarriage, according to HT news reports. Perhaps it was all the emotional stress of the relentless publicity, or perhaps the physical stress of going to the courts, meeting with lawyers and traveling on bumpy roads.

Or perhaps, it’s the body’s own way of rejecting a foetus that was not developing well.

No one can say why miscarriages occur. They are just nature’s way of deciding not to proceed.

Niketa Mehta wanted very much to end her pregnancy. I had argued here why she should have the final say on aborting her foetus.

I would like to think that while the courts may have overruled her, Nature herself sided with the mother.

And I may add, this is still a sad event.? The best outcome for everyone would have been a healthy foetus.? A? voluntary abortion and an involuntary miscarriage are both painful events.? I can only imagine Niketa’s grief.


10 thoughts on “Sad miscarriage, but not of justice

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  2. sad … but, maybe it was for the best..
    imagine a child that is born that is unwanted and then told that its mother was forced to carry it…. trauma on child.. trauma on parents …
    can one will a miscarriage, i wonder ?

    Lekhni: My feelings exactly!
    On willing a miscarriage, that would be some willpower, or rather, wont-power!

  3. I read in the paper this morning that the news about her miscarriage was false. She snapped at some reporter when they were hounding her..and her husband clarified that its not true..but news channels are showing who knows maybe its true

    Lekhni: Oh? But the (online version of) ToI and HT are carrying the news, and even quoting her husband as ascribing it to high blood pressure and stress caused by media coverage!

  4. I think it’s true that she miscarried – ToI, at least, has carried at least three reports and it looks like there are doubts whether it’s a natural miscarriage or not, not said in so many words but in replies from the husband to suggestive questions. I wish people would leave them alone!

  5. Hmm… I’ve been hearing people say she probably went to a quack and in some other blogs about how it is NOT heroic to go to the court coz its just the right thing to do and that our definitions of heroism are shallow. Fair enough. But I will not blame her if she did go the quack ( which is a theory I do not believe) and about being heroic for doing the right thing, hey, how many of us do it? So yes, it takes some courage not to give that bribe, not to break that traffic signal and to go to court on such a personal matter.

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    subject but it has pretty much the same page layout and design.
    Excellenbt choice of colors!

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