The cloak of invisibility discovered

Researchers at University of California, Berkeley, have discovered a material that acts like a cloak of invisibility. Yes, it makes objects invisible by a process called “negative refraction” of visible light.

Unfortunately for all of you trying to hide from your creditors, the cloaking has so far only been demonstrated on “thin, two-dimensional materials”.

This should be good news for students, they don’t have to keep using that old excuse “the dog ate my homework” anymore.? No doubt, their assignments have been submitted; they are just hiding under the cloak of invisibility.


11 thoughts on “The cloak of invisibility discovered

  1. Isn’t this old hat that was known to even our moms?

    The parents had invited another couple to dinner. They brought their two children, as Indians do. The children were dispatched to play in the children’s room while parents sat down to dinner in the dining room. Then suddenly all 4 kids entered the dining room, stark naked. The adults, although perplexed, chose to ignore them and to continue to eat. Then they heard one child whisper: “See I told you they won’t be able to see us! It IS called ‘vanishing cream’.” 😉

    Lekhni: Hilarious 😀 I used to wonder too, how I able to see “vanishing cream” in the jar. Shouldn’t it vanish ?

  2. It is based on the ‘Mr.India’ formula. Hail Mogambo 🙂

    Lekhni: Who would have thought Bollywood was on the cutting edge of scientific research ? 😉

  3. “It didn’t work,” said the king. “The cloak of invisibility didn’t work.”

    “Yes it did,” said the Royal Wizard.

    “No, it didn’t,” said the king. “I kept bumping into things, the same as ever.”

    “The cloak of invisibility is supposed to make you invisible,” said the Royal Wizard. “It is not supposed to keep you from bumping into things.”

    Lekhni: I know this! I had it in school as “The Princess who wanted the Moon”. I didn’t know it was James Thurber’s children’s book “Many Moons”. Lovely story, for anyone who wants to read it.

  4. I would really like to use that on a few people in my office so that I don’t get irritated every time I see them.

    Lekhni: Or maybe you could drape it around yourself when you see them coming! (Or when you see your boss!) 🙂

  5. @ Lekhni

    i hope i get it one day… i have a lot of things in my mind for which i can use this cloak

    @ Shefaly

    LOL… 🙂 😀

    Lekhni: I know, don’t we all? 😀 I wonder if there is a way to place advance orders?

  6. Hey thanks for reading my post. Yeah I guessed if at all the cloak is available in the world the first places that it will be available in India will be in the grey markets like Palika Bazaar or Burma Bazaar.
    BTW, I’ve Blogrolled you.

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