Eights in her fate

Hailey Jo Hauer was born on 08.08.08 in Fergus Falls, MN.? Nothing unusual in that, though this is supposed to be a lucky date and all that.? But there’s more – she was born at 8:08 am.

And…she weighed 8 lbs 8 oz at birth.

I am trying to come up with what else she will do that will involve the number eight.

Will she grow eight feet tall?? Nah.? Okay, how’s this – she has eight strands of hair right now.? Each strand? is 8 cm long.

You guys have more suggestions?


17 thoughts on “Eights in her fate

  1. She is the 8th child and lives in an 8 bedroom house. She goes to sleep at 8 pm and wakes up at 8 the next morning. She drinks 8 ounces of milk at each feeding, which lasts 8 minutes each, and burps 8 times when she is done.
    Okay, I’ll stop now!!

    Lekhni: She sleeps solidly through the night? Her mother must be very lucky then 🙂 The burping eight times was funny!

  2. ha ha ha ha.. these comments are hilarious..
    how about: she’ll learn how to sk-eight (skate), buy an est-eight (estate), meet her soul m-eight (soulmate) and procre-eight (procreate) 😛

    Lekhni: That’s clever 🙂 She will skeight at eight, meet her soul meight at twenty eight, buy an estate at thity eight and so on? 🙂

  3. Fancy that? She’ll have eight boyfriends? and eight children? You have much better suggestions above.

    Lekhni: Eight children 😮 I feel a little sorry for her 😉

  4. She got divorced and married eight times and receives child support from eight ex-husbands?? wow, she must be rich!

    Lekhni: On the other hand, imagine trying to co-ordinate child visitation schedules with eight ex-husbands 😦 She would probably become a diplomat 🙂

  5. Maybe the number of her house/street is 8, the car that brought her home is number 8, was she the 8th baby born that day? One of her parents or both are number 8. Also 26 (2+6 =8), 17 (1+7=8),35 (as in 503, 206, 260, 170 such numbers will follow her. Sounds ridiculous but I have seen Houses numbered, 17, 8, 53, 26 belong to people born with number 8 (i.e born on 8, 17 and 26 of any months)…doesn’t make sense at all, but …

    Lekhni: Do people select homes to purchase based on the house number, you think? What happens when (at least in India) the numbering is revised?

  6. 8 marriages, 8 children? People generally say “Ashtaputri Saubhagyavati Bhav” 😛 So 8 children is good idea, but 3rd onwards will get no concession on fees as per rule. 😀

    Lekhni: Do they really say “putri”? I am pretty sure that must be “putra”. Never heard any blessing that involved daughters 😦

  7. Suda: Now think really, does the law really prevent our dudes like the one in rajasthan from having 39 kids and attribute his “success” and “secret of my energy” to camel milk… hee hee, these guys are NOT tax assesee’s man, which is the biggest problem. 😀

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