Comment editing now possible

There are many times when I have commented on some blog and hit “Submit”, only to discover that (a) I had another point to make; or (b) there are typos in my comment.? Usually, it’s the typos which frustrate me most.

So here is a new feature for all you commenters – if you are like me, you will be happy to find that you now have 5 minutes after hitting “Submit” to edit your comment.? Just in case you think of something else! 🙂

As always, keep the comments flowing!


13 thoughts on “Comment editing now possible

  1. Lekhni

    I remember Ruhi (on hiatus right now with new job and parents visiting) had enabled this feature during her short self-hosting experiment. It was useful but I only ever felt like editing after the allotted time of 10 min was over.

  2. Rajesh Kumar: Thanks! Are you going to try it on your blog as well?

    Sakhi: Welcome, new commenter / visitor (?)
    You have to click the “Edit this comment” link which appears right below your comment. Send me an email if it still doesn’t work !

    Shefaly: Oh, I only knew Ruhi’s old blog, didn’t even realize she had moved 😦 I wonder how she has done the redirect; I somehow thought that didn’t work in
    If you remember something after 10 minutes, you can always comment again 😀

  3. Lekhni

    Ruhi had moved from to self-hosted then she came back to but then did a redirect from (almost like those K-serials and oh, how we pulled her leg!) which is the current avatar of her blog. That redirect thing works in but I think one has to buy credits and so on. Which is why I did not do it and am working on a self-hosted (professional) blog.. Slow as it is to come to fruition 😦 But I have a crazy busy summer so everything in its time, I guess. I am learning from all self-hosted veterans, like you, Neha and a few others, in the meanwhile 🙂

  4. Shefaly: Unless you want to change your theme right away and (like me) have major trouble picking one, moving to your own site should just take an hour or so. I’ll be glad to help, let me know!

    Rajesh Kumar: If you mean the one on the sidebar, it’s Get Recent Comments.

    Xylene, Sakhi: This feature works on Ajax. So the issue you are having may have something to do with Ajax not working. Hang in there while I research the problem 🙂 For now, try and see if it works in a different browser..I know it works in Firefox so check if it works for you..

    Update: both of you are using IE 6.0, and there seems to have been an issue with AJAX in that version that was fixed with patches and so on. If you can (and want to), upgrade to IE 7.0. It does work on IE 7.0 for me.

    But I certainly don’t want you to go through the hassle of updating IE just for this 😦 So ignore the edit comment option and comment away every time you think of something to add 🙂

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