Cut workweek, save money

Fairfax County is considering a four day workweek for county employees.? They say this will save money for the government.

Of course this makes complete sense.? Instead of not working 5 days a week and getting paid for it, government employees will not work 4 days a week now and get paid for it.

But one shouldn’t try this in the corporate/ private sector. It won’t save any money there.


10 thoughts on “Cut workweek, save money

  1. Every week is a long weekend! But then aren’t the employees protesting against loss of wages?

    We need to get Somnath babu to organise a workers union. Hez got plenty of time now that hez expelled frm the CPM

  2. oh yaa 4 day work week is being enforced in some circles. May not be such a bad idea. I once worked in an office where getting time off (2 hours) for a doc appointment took some doing. Like you say…maybe not for everybody.

  3. Am already jumping at the thought. Can we build some propaganda around it. Carbon Footprint, Fuel prices, work-life balance, productivity build up, Some other theory, cost saving, 6 sigma whatever whatever.

    That means what was hitherto getting done in 5 is possible in 4. Ok. Thats some acceptance.

    Applause !

  4. maxdavinci: There would be no paycut, since the employees would still be working 40 hour days (only as four 10-hour days). Only, the rest of us work 10 hour days as a matter of course 🙂

    Shefaly: No US official is going to admit any inspiration from France, so we will assume it’s Tim Ferriss 😉

    La Vida Loca: I hear you about the taking 2 hours off. I can imagine how the thought of a four hour week would go down in some companies – easiest way to make bosses apoplectic 😛

    kavi: All valid reasons, if only someone would listen. For now, do’t you wish we all worked in Fairfax county office ? 🙂

    Adithya: Do they have afternoon siestas in the Far East too? I know they have them in the Middle East…yes, that’s a good idea too 🙂 Actually, working from home is the best idea of all, if you ask me.

  5. I’d like it actually. To work 10 hours for 4 hours and then 3 whole days free to do what you wish sounds good. But then, just as you feel, working from home is the best choice.

  6. I worked in Hyderabad where my office was three minutes away from my grandmum’s place – afternoon siestas, evening teas, heavy lunches – it was bliss! I didn’t even realise I was working six days a week!

  7. Celine: Three whole days sounds great. In the US especially, since a lot of people don’t work on weekends..

    aandthirtyeights That sounds perfect 😀 You must have had the world’s shortest commute!

  8. Yep! A couple of my friends are ecstatic about it, especially the guy! getting an extra day is so much more better than doing shorter hours as I am right now. The commute itself’s a killer.

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