Batting on a hundred

The numbers in my WordPress dashboard screamed silently at me, as if they were on the wrong side of a rolled up car window.? I didn’t notice, my mind busy wondering whether I should install the latest WordPress update.? In the short time that I have been using,? it has managed to come up with more updates than even Windows.? Which must be a record.? Is there a curse surrounding all software that begins with “W”?

Then, finally, I saw it – “You have 100 posts..”? my dashboard was saying.? Wow! I had managed to write a hundred posts!

But wait, did that include drafts?? Did that number include scheduled posts, which were mostly posts that were so bad even I couldn’t publish them but didn’t have the heart to delete either?? I quickly checked my sidebar.

Yup.? I had completed a hundred posts, and hadn’t noticed.

So what does one do on completing a hundred posts?

-? If I were playing cricket and had completed a hundred, I know that I should raise my bat as if it were the Olympic torch, and wave to the crowd.? Then, I should look upwards as if expecting rain any moment.? Or a shower of gold coins from the Gods.

-? If I were an old man turning a hundred, I should rummage in my desk drawer to make sure I had written my will and had it witnessed.? Or dance the cha-cha with my walking stick.

-? If I were a painter and had turned a hundred.. scratch that.? Who has ever heard of a painter living to be a hundred?? You are supposed to die young if you are a painter, unless you are the kind who paints walls.

There are no answers, I can see.? Plus, it’s not as if my blog has turned a hundred. (Thank God! How old would that make me?)? My blog has not even turned one. It’s only the posts that have turned a hundred.

Which reminds me that I should stop gloating now.? The credit really belongs to you, readers, for reading my posts and even commenting!? Obviously, I would have closed shop long ago if not for all of you.? So many thanks are in order.? Of course, like all bloggers, I wish more of you would head to the comments section!

Have some of my rasagullas!

By the way, what kind of amazing coincidence is it to find that one’s 100th post is about a sweet dish, and an Indian one at that !?? I mean, I have written only 2 other recipe posts and only one of them is a sweet dish (apple pie).?? I have no explanation, except to think that my blog somehow schemed to make this happen.? I am very glad it did 😀


One final note – all the baseball fans among you are going to sidle up to me and say “The title is not exactly right, madam. “Batting a hundred” means you got only 10% of your hits right, or only 1 hit for every 10 at bat. To get a perfect score, you should be batting a thousand”.

Well, 10% sounds like a good rating for this blog, thank you.? But what makes you think I am talking baseball lingo anyway?? No, no,? I am too desi for that! I don’t speak baseball, I speak cricket.

I am not going to the pavilion any time soon, and thankfully this is not twenty-twenty.

So I’m going to step back and ask you guys – what do you think of this blog?

Specifically, I would like feedback on :

1.? What is your most favorite post on this blog?

2.? What changes would you like in this blog?? (Layout, content, anything)

3.? Could you hop over to the sidebar and answer the poll on what kind of topics you like?? You can click on multiple answers too..



41 thoughts on “Batting on a hundred

  1. Congrats! My blog is almost 3 yrs(blogger+wordpress) old but am only 110 posts old! 😐

    What I like? I like the English, the subtle humor. I love those posts where you take some NY Times article and do a comical take on it. I remember a similar post that was about cleaning up the kitchen to stay fit/thin. I can’t find the link! That was jolly good one. I had started reading sometime before that.

    Keep going!

  2. kangaroolations! I guess that was wat the post was begging..

    Seri, congratualted, poll taken and now time for yedvise.

    1)get the automatic upgrade plugin for wordpress, it saves a lot of time and effort.
    2) upgrade to 2.6 it has 2 nice features, first being post revisions. Thus enabling you to revert back to an older version of a post. Second being the ability to post webpages and articles with a one-click.

    I’ve got 200+ posts and now it makes me feel old!

  3. I have read that the maximum life span for a human being under present conditions is 125; some have come in sight of it, wihout actually getting there. And when these Methuselahs are asked to what they attribute their longevity, they give various answers, ranging from moderation and cheerfulnees in living to smoking cigars and the frequent or occasional tipple. Churchill, who lived to be a nonagenarian, did both of the latter, but he had his share of less than minor health problems in later years.
    I am sure your blog will surpass the felicitous 125 soon.

  4. kalafudra: Yeah, I would like one of those sidebars on the left too, but this theme apparently does not have that option; and selecting another theme, I know, will involve whole days of searching 😦

    Adithya: Okay, advice taken! Definitely more humorous takes on news, then 😀 Luckily the newspapers offer enough opportunities for this 🙂
    I am glad you found that post you were referring to, about the toaster making me fat !

    maxdavinci: Thanks for the wishes! I have the automatic upgrade plugin, but I realize I haven’t backed up my posts in ages 😦 Plus, I noticed while posting on DP that the new version seems to change the way one inserts image links. Yeah, it’s supposed to make it easier to post pictures from the net, but I need to figure how to do that first 😦

    Candadai Tirumalai: It wouldn’t be very enjoyable to live long if one has to survive on baked beans and salad every day, isn’t it? That would, however, make one feel one has lived too long, though..
    Thanks for the wishes 🙂

    Amit: Nah, I’d need a heated, indoor swimming pool for that.
    Thanks for the wishes. Hope you also voted? No advice?

  5. La Vida Loca: nimage ishtaaiyittha? Thanks! (I also speak Kannada, which I think you do too, right?). Okay, more poking fun of desis added to the list 🙂

  6. Re; voting.
    Oh, just continue writing in your usual style on any and all topics that you can seize with the tendril of your mind. 🙂

  7. Well done! I calculate – based on your sidebar – that it amounts to 10 posts a month which is very good, one every 3rd day. I have voted. 🙂 But I have not been reading long enough to have favourites. :-/

  8. Congrats on reaching a century. You’ve now officially lasted for more than 90% of the so-called bloggers out there. Pssst…if you post asides like I do, you reach milestones much quicker 🙂

    As far as what we like to read, I would say, more of the same. I haven’t read a post that I didn’t like so far. Not so much a fan of food recipes but I’m sure there are plenty of your readers who are.

  9. Congratulations! I got here a month or so back and have been dropping by for every new post since then 🙂 Witty and humorous ought to be your blog’s tag line and that is what I would love to see in your posts. Thank you 🙂

  10. Happy 100th, Lekhni! Here’s to many more (raising my coffee cup in tribute- oh wait, it should be my dandelion-and-thistle-root teacup, the coffee cup’s Usha’s trademark!

  11. Amit: Thanks! It’s carte blanche, then?

    Shefaly: Yes, the posts slackened off in March-April when I was in India, but that apart, it does look like I have been quite regular in posting. Thanks for voting! I can see that whacky and humorous is winning, for now!

    kavi: What’s a higher order rasagulla? Like, a 1000? (has 3 rasagullas in it :P) Oh, you mean, like, champagne?

    Patrix: Thanks! Yes, I did post a few asides some time back and should post more of them. It’s certainly easier than writing a long post.
    You haven’t yet read a post you didn’t like? That can’t be true, surely. Okay, maybe you meant more like there are none you actively dislike 😉 On the food posts, yeah, I rarely post recipes and never unless (a) I have a new way of making it, or (ii) I find, while googling for the recipe, that no desi blogger has blogged about it as far as I can see. There are a lot of very talented food bloggers out there whom people can depend on for recipes 🙂

    Priya: Hi there, thanks for finding my blog, being a regular visitor and finally, delurking 🙂 I have come across your blog too, many times while googling for recipes. It’s a great blog, I love the name, for a start, and I must try that ravioli recipe someday!

    ilovelucy: Welcome! Thanks for the wishes, and for taking the time to comment (on your first visit too!) and glad you enjoy reading my posts. Please keep commenting!

    Sujatha: Thanks! I’d like to see you really make some of that dandelion wine or thistle tea and crabgrass muffins 😛 And try making someone eat it ! This reminds me of the taro leaf curry my Mom once made!

  12. As a serious writer, I admire anyone who can manage a sniff of humor in their posts. You do that consistently well, though I am a recent convert.
    Great going!

  13. Fantastic…congrats…

    Heres one right back at you.. provide links to your favorite posts and then have us decide 🙂

    I am batting on 373…as of today

  14. mubarak ho !! 🙂
    Well I am new to suggest you anything. Only I would love to see a more vibrant /customized/ different template given that now it is your website than a mere wordpress blog.

  15. Congrats, Lekhni. I love your humour, most of all, though your issue based posts are definitely worth reading too. Can’t pin point one single post, but I’m looking forward to loads more of the good stuff:)

  16. rambodoc: You do write in a serious tone on medical-related topics, but I have always loved your “Weakly Humerus” round ups 🙂
    Thanks for the compliments.

    Vijay: Asking authors for their favorites is tricky. I’d feel guilty to discriminate among my posts. But I do have the list of “Top Funny Posts” on my sidebar, which are basically the ones that I think are the funniest. On the other hand, on the unfunny ones, I really, really love “Brittle Walls”, although I can see that I can get no one else (not even R) to share that feeling.
    On the 373 in 2+ years, congrats, that is quite an achievement !

    BlueMist: You want me to get a new template too? (Along with Kalafudra?) Sigh. I can see myself spending the rest of the summer weekends searching for themes 😦 Why are there no good themes in this world ? 😦

    Dipali: Thanks. At some level, it is a little disquieting to know that no one has any one post that they find memorable. Of course, I can’t think of any such post either, which makes it worse 😦 I need to transition from being a paperback to becoming a hard cover.

  17. Congratulations on your hundredth. Hope you write many more interesting posts like you do now, and I voted too.
    PS: Thanks for your much needed advice at my blog.

  18. well, havent read many of your posts but jitne padhe ache lage..

    like the watchman in the night, i would just say – likhe raho!!!! 🙂
    the template n posts n content etc – its all fine imo 🙂 you could otherwise search for a new design just bcoz u completed 100 posts.

  19. hey Lekhni!
    Congratulations on your 100-post mark 🙂 Its a good feeling, aint it? 🙂
    Will take up the questionnaire a little later cos I wanted to wish you first 🙂
    …and you can speak Kannada too? 🙂

  20. Celine: Thanks for the wishes, and for voting. I can see that all the topics involving humor are going strong. I may have to ditch my attempts at poetry and fiction then 🙂 Hope my experience with sploggers helps.

    prasoon: What, you haven’t read all your posts? OK, that’s something to do for when you are up unti 3 a.m. next time 😀 A theme just because I have completed 100 posts? No, seriously, searching for themes is more exhausting than writing 10 posts, I tell you 😦

    mysticmargarita: Thanks! Keep commenting. I really love the feedback, it helps me know what I am doing wrong. And yes, more posts are coming your way 🙂

    snippetsnscribbles: It’s definitely a good feeling 😀 I can’t believe I have lasted this long. Yes, I speak quite a few Indian languages, Kannada being one of the ones I can speak and also read, though a little slowly 🙂

  21. hey not just another template ; a nice colorful lively professional looking website.
    Some ideas would be neat display of comments, and answered comments ( neat inline comments) , some widgets , easy search. just some ideas.

    I would love to read those fictions and poems as well along with your humor posts. Also the cooking ones.

  22. BlueMist: Hey, thanks for those ideas! What did you mean by the answered comments part? Something like livejournal, in threads? I can see you have some great ideas in mind, as an example, can you point me to any website that has some of the features you are talking about? I just want to get a better sense.

    La Vida Loca: Neither, actually 🙂 It’s hard to define me, in our family, we share the same mother tongue, but, on a regular basis, speak in 4 different languages with each other (and that’s without counting English). That’s what happens if you live all over India as a kid 🙂
    It’s good to know that we can chat in at least 2 languages (plus English) if we ever meet!

  23. Count me among the lurkers 😉
    Congrats Lekhni!! Nice blog you’ve got there. I don’t claim to have read *all* your posts, but till now, I’ve liked the one you wrote on the Bhopal gas aftermath the most. Gave me goosebumps.
    Here’s to more blogging from you !! 🙂

  24. aandthirtyeights: Good, good, I am looking forward to reading a whole lot of new posts from you then 🙂

    Shivani: I love it when lurkers de-lurk 😛 Thanks for the wishes! I can also see you have been reading my blog for a long time (or dug deep into the archives) if you remember the Bhopal gas aftermath post. Yes, it was a rare heartfelt post, unlike the light, whacky ones I usually post 🙂

  25. Many many happy congratulations and felicitations on this very auspicious ocassions, Lekhni madam.
    Please to say, we like your writing ishtyle very very much I tell you no and I think I like your humourous posts the bestest, they makes me laugh a lot, sometimes even in office ba, which is I assure you from the depths of my bottomless heart a very unique rare thing for me to do.
    Please to keep writing more and me enjoying more your posts.
    Congrats and do keep writing, seriously, no?

  26. Congratulations, Lekhni! I have enjoyed each and every one of your posts, and you always bring a smile to my day. Will try to answer your specific questions by and by, but I did want to say this for now.

  27. chennairamblings: Thanks, I am very touched. My posts make you laugh at work? That’s the best thing someone can say! For that’s what this blog aims to do – make people laugh 🙂
    The NFL post is R’s favorite too! (I am dreading the fact that the season will begin again in a few months’ time).

    manuscrypts: “sau what” it is, then 🙂 Onwards towards “Do sau what”, with a matching “do sau watt” smile 🙂

    Kamini: Hey, you are back 😀 Welcome back! How was Croatia? We are eagerly expecting a long post about how you brought South India to Croatia!

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