Who should drive in the Carpool lane?

The local newspaper has a weekly column that answers questions on driving etiquette.? A very good idea, but unfortunately the worst offenders are not the ones who are likely to read such columns.

Anyway, the other day there was a Dad asking whether he could drive with his four month old daughter in the car pool lane – did she qualify as a second person ?? Duh, of course.? Though the columnist warned Dad that he could be pulled over if the cop couldn’t see the baby.? Tall bonnets are very important, we are told.

This got me thinking – shouldn’t pregnant women be allowed to use the car pool lane?? Life begins at conception, right?? So doesn’t the baby make two?

Where are all those pro-lifers?? We need them as traffic cops 😉


17 thoughts on “Who should drive in the Carpool lane?

  1. lol …
    I remember the Central Business District in Jakarta used to need a minimum of 3 people to enter… so there were these “passengers” you would pick up just outside the CBD (in full view of the cops) and then drop them off once you get past the watchpost… these “passengers” would then get paid and troop off to their original positions to wait for more rides…

  2. KM:

    Although those with multiple personality disorder would, strictly speaking, be violating the number of passengers per car rule in some cases. And the traffic cop cannot verify.

  3. km: That’s a good one 🙂 I can see a whole lot of people become eligible with that one 😉

    Vijay: That’s interesting! I wonder, when these passengers trooped back past the cop, did they donate to the cop welfare fund? 😉

    kalafudra: I think the dogs in the US should not even be allowed on the roads. I hear they are all terribly anxiety prone and major users of Prozac. You never know what road rage will result :;
    On the other hand, I believe the apes in Spain , want human rights. Maybe that involves driving cars too?

    La Vida Loca: The comments on this blog are its sole redeeming feature 🙂

    The Pilgrim: Is that a fact? How many are pregnant women before then? I wonder if one can round up the number of persons for carpools.

    Shefaly: Did you hear the joke about how only one person is allowed to travel in a Uno, and four in a Quattro?

  4. kavi: I am trying to see if the pro-life position has anything remotely like a silver lining 😛

    La Vida Loca: No, I am serious.. there are days when I have secretly thought that the comments were probably more interesting/ thought provoking/ funny than my post 😛 People bring perspectives I’d never thought of.. but thanks for the compliments!

  5. LOL @ the post and comments
    Regarding the pro-lifers, I think most of them are currently protesting about how South Carolina is not a gay place to visit.
    And what about the pregnant woman with quadruplets? Would she be violating the maximum number of people rule?

  6. ..thats an interesting point – would the multiple personality person be violating a maximum number of people rule? I have this image of a figurative Hamara Bajaj scooter equivalent – Mummy, Papa and chunnu munnu. and babli all falling of the darn thing.

  7. Vijay: That would have been quite a funny procession 🙂

    chennairamblings: Definitely violating all max number limits if she is pregnant with quadruplets. That is exactly why doctors confine pregnant women with quadruplets to “bed rest” and make sure they never have enough courage to drive around 😉

    A Cynic in Wonderland: Wait until the Tata Nano comes on the road and you will very well see your mental image come true 😀

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