Tornadoes like cats and toilet paper

Tornadoes are cat-lovers.? Why else would a tornado rip off the roof and overturn sofas, but leave the cat’s bowl untouched?? The same tornado also likes to play with toilet paper. Perhaps this was a teenage tornado then? Adolescent anger and all that?


3 thoughts on “Tornadoes like cats and toilet paper

  1. Hello sir/mam
    I am 17 yrs height is 5feet,weight is 12th passed out…can i apply for an airhosyess

  2. Before decide in career of Airhostess, u should must decide..why u spent 2 lac on institutions or in frankfinn for only the job of 5 yrs..and salary is so cheap 15000 to 25000 monthly. In others job we have choice that, if I find more salary in other company, I can move..Bt in this career , we have to work on the only one salary, from which we start for minimum 2 or 3 yrs

  3. I also wanted, career in Airhostess, this career always attracted me,,Bt today I have researched,, on this career so much..actually I have been researched on this career for 3 yrs.when I had passed 10+2 till now and now I m graduate.. So…guys plz beware..

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