A new twist to “tresspassers will be recruited”

A Mumbai BPO firm now has a “mobile recruitment van” that makes “spot offers” to people in shopping malls and railway stations. Desperation seems to be climbing new highs everyday.


6 thoughts on “A new twist to “tresspassers will be recruited”

  1. kalafudra: That’s funny. I have a vision of someone sitting down at an interview, with three shopping bags beside her and one on her lap, trying to think of what her career goals were after 5 years 😉 Sweaters are one of the better things to have bought, what if the bags said “Victoria’s Secret” instead? 😛

    Adithya: Yeah, this joke is quite old (10 years?), but now reality is even funnier than the joke!

  2. i’d love to try out and audition in my mother-sister lang!

    but then they don’t need to try so hard, just head over to Hyd, the place is flooded with ppl. I know of an area that can be rechristened ‘BPO-Nagar’….

  3. maxdavinci: Or Telemarketpuram. Or Callcentereddy Nagar 🙂 In Hyderabad though, the recruits should “shop” in front of movie theaters. Especially those showing Chiranjeevi movies. Anyone who still watches Chiranjeevi (the guy is what, 70?) should be considered officially jobless 😉

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