8 thoughts on “A South Asian Spelling Bee?

  1. more cute bespectacled desi kids sporting braces spelling weird words!

    I’d love to see one of them either
    1) without braces n specs
    2) without a Wii addiction
    3) likes non-geeky stuff

    I’m proud to be a geek and I like the respect I get in the office, but then somewhere I feel we need to break the stereotype…

    reminds me of that russel peters joke on how desi’s cant shine in any physical sports, “Gimmie a calculator and I’ll do your taxes!”

  2. Better still, call it the Super Bowl for Bees and make everyone happy. That way, a desi kid can claim he went to the Super Bowl.

    BTW, your feed statistics plugin is acting up. Any clicks on the links in the feed takes me to your 404 page.

  3. Patrix: Right now, it looks like that would be the only way a desi kid can go to the Super Bowl, unless he meant he was watching it. 😛

    Thanks for the tip-off on the wayward plugin, I’ve deactivated it. Let’s hope my feeds recover. Sigh. Why are these things so high-maintenance?

  4. Lekhni, such are the perils of adding plugins 🙂 Prolly it is just a matter of incompatibility with the current WP version. You write to the plugin author if you really want to use it. I used to use it for DesiPundit but it interfered with our cron job of link counts. Also, I realized that most people would like to use mouse hover to see where the link points to before they click it.

  5. Patrix; Yeah, the developer probably hasn’t updated it for WP 2.5.1. I am giving up on that plugin..I spend way too much time on this blog anyway 😦

  6. There was a time when India was invincible in Hockey: a certain Gold at the Olympics. No more. Its place has been taken by Bees for youngsters in America.

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