Welcome, welcome!

At my old blog, you have already heard the spiel about why this place is called eLekhni.? Yes, that stuff about eLekhni meaning electronic writing in Hinglish given that Lekhni means a pen, or writing. So I shall not repeat it here..though I see I just did.

As you can see, for now the new place looks much the same as the old place.? Same old stuff, same theme…

I found it remarkably easy to switch from my old WP.com to self-hosted WP (I mean, one click on Fantastico, how difficult is that?)? Plus, Google helped a lot too..now, if only I could get hold of a clean, readable theme..


9 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Searching for the right themes can drive you nuts. I’ve spent a lot of time as well, and I’m far from satisfied.

    But this one is nice. Should I congratulate you on your move?

  2. Congratulations on the new place! There are quite a few free themes available if you google ‘WordPress themes’. If you like, I can mail you some of the ones I have. But I tend to prefer 2-sidebar layouts whereas your taste looks much crisper and simpler.

  3. Vijay: Oh yes, my very commenter on my own new blog πŸ™‚ There should be some award for that!

    Parmanu: I noticed you had changed your theme sometime back as well.. it’s surprising, isn’t it, how most themes seem to be either too flashy or just make it harder for the reader?

    Vijay: Thanks πŸ™‚

    Ideasmith: That’s what I did..and went through every website that showed up on the first two pages.. I don’t mind 2 sidebars but I’d prefer not to have them side by side – so one left and 1 right would be great. And I want a white background..but this seems too much to ask 😦 Btw, your theme is really nice. I should look into Jauhari’s themes…and please do send me any themes you have that you think may fit into my (apparently very stringent) requirements πŸ™‚

    gooddaysunshine: Thanks πŸ™‚

  4. Srivalli: Yes, but knowing me, and given that it seems to involve Work (which I am very allergic to), I might take some time to switch themes..

    IdeaSmith: Thanks! Yes, I did go to Jauhari.net right away after seeing your theme, and checked out all his themes…I have realized that I first need to let go my attachment to my current theme to be able to honestly evaluate any new one 😦

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