Moved to eLekhni

I finally moved to my own space.  Some would say I should have done this a long time ago, but given that I invented procrastination…and besides, every time I decided to move, would come out with something new just to tempt me.

So the new place is called  This is cue for me to tell you how eLekhni means electronic writing (in which language? Hinglish, of course) given that Lekhni means a pen, or writing.  So you’d think this is very appropriate, what?  You don’t? Oh well…

Anyway the new place looks much the same as the old place.  Same old stuff, same theme… I have spent much, much more time trying to select a theme than I have on actually creating the website and having it up and running.  As of now, I have officially given up.

You’d think it would be easy to find a nice, clean theme, right?  I like this one, but it does have its issues, like links on the post don’t show up very clearly.. so I browsed through probably 200 themes and actually installed 4 or 5 and tried them out…I never knew I was so hard to please.

This is like building a house in 5 days and taking 2 weeks to choose the paint color.  Sigh.

I know you are not feeling particularly sympathetic towards me right now anyway. Your Sunday morning (night) to-do list has just increased by one – switching your feeds to the new site…but think of the positives..(whatever they are) 🙂


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