Post-trip recovery

I am back!  This turned out to be a really long India visit.  Part of the vacation turned into a working trip, long nights included.  Then there was the offer of extra vacation days, happily accepted.

Then there was the four day jaunt through Belgium and the Netherlands.

Then the long flight back home.

Sigh. It all seems so long ago.

The rude reality is – I am back now.  The house seems to be filled with my bags.  Also, accumulated mail and magazines that USPS has kindly dropped off at our front door in a huge plastic carton,  laundry from before the trip,  and lots of dust.

Why does every vacation have to be preceded and followed with tons of work?   I suddenly realize that vacations are never really the break they are supposed to be.  They are just a postponement of work to the post vacation period.

Yes, I know, this must be obvious to all of you. It happens at work too, when you come back from a trip smiling and then find that there is a mountain of work that has been especially kept aside because “only you can do this best”.  That’s what they always say.

But I wonder why I keep forgetting this fact in all the euphoria before the vacation.


10 thoughts on “Post-trip recovery

  1. laundry from before the trip? You mean you don’t believe in burning everything sitting next to the washer?

    welcome back. now tell us about Amsterdam and their, ahem, coffee bars.

  2. Welcome back 🙂

    I find the pre vacation wrap up of work the most stressful..the handover to people that has to happen and you spend so much time and energy on it and when you come back you find nothing has moved a millimeter even.. Pah!

    But yeah I hope you had a great trip!

  3. I’m totally with you on this: but the few days of vacation are definitely worth the pleasures of pre- and post- trip slogging.
    I try and convince myself of this, otherwise I’d never manage to go!

  4. km: That’s a tempting thought – burning the laundry 😉 But if I did, R would immediately rush off to buy more, and methinks he has too many shirts already 😦

    Kamini: Oh yes, I agree 😉

    rajk: Thanks, I’m touched 🙂 You will see a few stories about my trip, I do have a lot to write about!

    Patrix: I agree, pleasant memories about the people and all that food 🙂

    gooddaysunshine: Exactly. I wonder why handover in the first place?

    dipali: Oh yes, and any trip to India is worth any slogging.

    Amit: You mean the tulips, right? 😉

    Srivalli: No, no, the stories have started to trickle out 🙂

    A Cynic in Wonderland: Yes, I remember how I used to wait for the summer holidays while in school. After a few weeks of holidays, one starts waiting for school to reopen.

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