It’s Ulta now!

I started off with Cutex and “Tips and Toes”.  Then, Revlon and Maybelline and others flooded the market.  Since then,  Lakme apart, everyone in India has looked West for cosmetics.

I think those days are going away – now we get our ideas from India.  Ladies (and Gentlemen too, if you are interested), presenting the Ulta OPI India Collection.  Available at a store near you (in the US).

Some of the names are good – Black Cherry Chutney, Moon Over Mumbai, but my favorites are MonSooner or Later and Curry Up Don’t Be Late!

But they are clearly missing something – where are the bright reds, the oranges, the bold magentas ?  Just shows how little they know about India  😉


9 thoughts on “It’s Ulta now!

  1. Wow. *Clearly* not my area of expertise 🙂

    And what’s with those punny product names? Will women really want a lipstick called “Curry up”?

  2. @KM – tsk – thats how you name nail polish silly – the more ridiculous the better. The Russian collection of OPI includes Boris & Natasha, Kreme de la Kremelin and my favourite (shade, not name) suzi says da!(exclamation mark included)

  3. rads: I guess they do, but do they have “vermillion red”? I’m pretty sure they don’t realize some Indian women wear bright orange lipstick and bright orange nail polish to go with their salwars..

    ArSENik: I love your nail polish names 🙂 I’ll throw in “Laal nakhoon malmal ka” and “Nayeel Sindoor”.. (Nayeel is how a southie would say Nail?)

    km: You don’t realize how comforting it is to know that the stain on my nail is not garam masala powder, it’s just the latest curry polish 😛

    Szerelem: I dunno, but it depends on what they mean by curry..I wonder if it’s the green shade of dhania-jeera powder, the orange brown of sambar powder, or the red of chilli powder 🙂

    rajk: Yes, the commenters on this blog are the ones who this place interesting 🙂

    One Trick Pony: Welcome, first-time commenter 🙂 I didn’t explore the Russian collection, though Kreme de la Kremelin sounds interesting. No doubt, it drips with the blood of Bolsheviks 🙂

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