For want of an onion…

The wind hit her first. Strong, sharp tongued and icy cold, it instantly brought tears to her eyes. She staggered the few steps from the car to the store and then rushed in the automatic doors. She shivered in the sudden gust of warm air, and made for the grocery aisle.

No onions here either.

She looked at him in dismay. Together, they had searched every grocery store in the area now. They had stocked up on all the other stuff they needed for tomorrow’s trek. Gatorade, trail mix, candy, biscuits. Cameras, batteries, memory cards, iPods.

But they hadn’t found the onions.

“What will we do now?” she asked him in frustration. “We are going to be walking the whole will we manage without it?”

“The charge runs down really fast these days” he grumbled. “Without the onion, how will I recharge my iPod?”

Yes, this video is fake…and very old. Some of you may have seen it long ago.


5 thoughts on “For want of an onion…

  1. This was hilarious – it’s amazing how perfectly serious the narrator was, made the whole thing seem plausible.
    By the way, your couple forgot the screwdriver!


  2. Heh. The video is definitely a candidate for a WTF post on, but I think the procedure is brilliant! Soon we’ll have kandawallahs in Fry’s and Best Buy.

  3. Kamini: You are right, they have forgotten the screwdriver! Hopefully they will manage with a car key..

    km: Deep-dried will still work with Gatorade. But if you were using deep-fried onions on the other hand..

    BPSK: Oh yes, Onion Gatorade is the latest rage πŸ˜› Ben and Jerry’s is even thinking of introducing an ice cream range, I hear.

    ArSENik: Just Indiuncut? I’m disappointed 😦 You didn’t think of the Onion?

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