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Rads tagged me with a great tag that I just love. Not only do I get to do almost no work, but I am also doing good for the environment. How? I am recycling 🙂 My old posts, that is.

The rules of the tag are : Post 5 links to 5 of your previously written posts. The posts have to relate to the 5 key words given (family, friend, yourself, your love, anything you like). Tag 5 other friends to do this meme. Try to tag at least 2 new acquaintances (if not, your current blog buddies will do) so that you get to know them each a little bit better.

Yes, I just heard the sound of a dozen people rushing for the exit. Why do people dislike recycled posts, or recycled jokes? Isn’t recycling a great thing to do?

But for those of you who are still on this page, I am certain you will be richly rewarded. I am not certain exactly how, but it involves increasing patience, speed-reading and practising your (Harry Potterish) curses/ spells. Expecto EndOfPage might work, or Silencio WillYouPlease, or NoMora OfYourPostus. Other ideas are welcome.

Here are the links. Yes, you do have to click on at least one of these posts, and comment. I will be checking for comments. No, you can’t get away, so there.

Family: This one was easy. It’s the poem I wrote when my brother completed his Ph.D.

Friend: This is tough. I just realized that I haven’t written about any friends in my blog. Not good. But hey, R is also a friend, right ? So here is a post about R, cricket and sleeping (no, that’s not in order of priority 😛 )

Yourself: This blog is all about me as it is, so which posts do I choose? Did you know that I can hear sounds that no one else does ?

Love: What are the things I love? After Sleeping, I love Eating. Unfortunately, this involves Cooking, which I am not at all fond of. In my defense, I do try to cook, and I know I am doing lots of good. After all, there’s nothing like bad cooking to aid weight reduction. My (mis)adventures involve making apple pie and samosas, among other things.

Anything I like: I am not a big fan of watching TV. Definitely not NFL, but then you all know that.

I like watching the geese in my backyard pond, stepping on freshly fallen snow, and making up imaginary stories about real people.

I also like to write scifi, and I can tell you how astronauts will take over Mars by sneezing. As you can see, I have many talents, even if all of them are useless.

Now, I have to tag five other people (including at least 2 new acquaintances) to continue the good work of recycling. I am going to pick 5 people whose blogs I love to read. Unlike me, they have been blogging for years and have great blog posts to show off (also unike me). I must admit a selfish intent here – I’d love to know what posts they like best. It saves me the trouble of trawling their blog 😛

So here are the bloggers you should all rush off to see:

Bombay Addict
Space Bar

I hope all of you decide to take up the tag. You can, of course, be creative. So Anantha, if you choose to include Rajni or Dilbert among your friends (or family?), I will believe you 🙂


15 thoughts on “Tags, links and likes

  1. OMG! This is going to be extremely difficult for me. My blog’s mostly about myself. It’s an exercise in ego mania 😉
    My ego prevents me from writing about anything that would remotely involve other people. And if at all I blog about my family, the only person who is eminently blogg-able is my mom and she scrutinizes my blog so much that any (funny) reference to her is bound to raise a few eyebrows. That is why I have avoided blogging about the whole “cream biscuit-mahavishnu” episode from last year. So all the posts will be about “anything I like” only!

  2. This tag is harder than it sounds! Given that I never write about anything serious – or write seriously – everything is about me, me, me! anyway! 🙂 But will do!

  3. Hahaha… I wish you’d suggested your Harry Potterish spell names to J K Rowling! 🙂 I think my personal favourite is “NoMora OfYourPostus” – although that doesnt apply to your posts. I’m going to trawl through your earlier ones now. Oh joy! New reading material!

  4. I just read Return to India , the link to which you had posted on Shyamalas blog about Indians who wish to go back. Thanks, it was very very good read.

  5. anantha: Is that really fair? You have made me really curious about the cream biscuit-mahavishnu episode now. Did you see mahavishnu in a cream biscuit? Or did you offer Him cream biscuits?

    Space Bar: I realize it must have been a lot tougher for you than it was for me. But I agree, you were really prompt 🙂 Makes me want to give you some more tags to do 😛

    neha: Great! I’m looking forward to reading it 🙂

    shyam: Welcome to my blog 🙂 I’d love to know what you think of my posts.

    VM: Hey, thanks for letting me know.

  6. hahha….very funny Lekhni those spills..might work like a charm!…will go thr them again, I have gone thr most anyway..but with this new thought might think differently!

  7. Space Bar: I was just kidding, of course 🙂

    Srivalli: Don’t you think my posts are worth re-reading ? 😉

    rads: Yes, I love that Space Bar and km have been so prompt 🙂 This was not that easy a tag for people with 100s of blog posts to trawl 😦 And it’s nice to see you are reading all my old posts too and leaving comments 🙂

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