It’s bad luck to be Beant

Presenting the inside scoop on events that happened last weekend, somewhere in space.


It’s Sunday night, and C. Gupta is watching Saawariya in his basement home theater. The movie title had somehow made him think it was a murder mystery. C. Gupta loved murder mysteries.

He has been watching for an hour now but there have been no murders so far. C. Gupta is getting restless and irritated.

Just then, the phone rings. It’s Yama, his pointy-haired boss. C. Gupta utters ancient Sanskrit curses about work-life balance and pointy haired bosses.

“Where is Beant Singh”, Yama growls at the other end. “He was supposed to be here by now”.

“Bu-bu-Beant Singh ?” Gupta hurriedly reaches for his notebook and starts flipping through his notes. He has notes to destroy Yuvraj Singh’s cricketing form and Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s long hair. But who is Beant Singh?

“Beant Singh of Kauni, you bungler”, Yama shouts.

The line goes dead. Or perhaps it’s a dropped call. Gupta calls again.

“Network failure Yama”.

A quick search on census.ym reveals Kauni is in Punjab, India. However, there are 4 Beant Singhs in Kauni, in the 55 to 75 age group. All have been sick for some time now. All look likely candidates.

What to do now? Which one did Yama want?

C. Gupta mops his brow.  He doesn’t know what to think. He also wants to get back to the movie.

There is only way out, he decides – he has to get them all.


I am quite sure this is what happened. Or how else do you explain this news article ?

3 Beant Singhs say goodbye to the world
Tuesday, 15 January , 2008, 12:27
Last Updated: Tuesday, 15 January , 2008, 12:30
Muktsar: Three persons with the same name and almost of the same age group died on Monday after brief illness. All three were cremated at Kauni in Muktsar district of Punjab on Monday evening.

Beant Singh son of Dhayan Singh (70), Beant Singh son of Amar Singh (72) and Beant Singh son of Sawan Singh (57) died on Monday morning.

The fourth Beant Singh son of Mag har Singh (68) was also suffering from illness.


11 thoughts on “It’s bad luck to be Beant

  1. LOL, so CG went there and got three of them, but missed the fourth? Ouch- he may be in a world of hurt if pointy-haired boss really only wanted the fourth. Based on the story, it may be a little late for the “come back from the dead” scenario also, for the three that he brought back.

  2. Rajaji, the elder statesman, who lived into his nineties and died in the 1970s, was asked during one of his last illnesses how he felt, and boldly replied that he had not yet given an appointment to Yama.
    Glad that in this instance the fourth Beant Singh spoiled the symmetry of it.

  3. Followed links from some other blogs (damned if I remember which ones though :P) to yours.

    This is an absolute ROFLOL post! Poor C. Gupta 😀 I hope Yama is done with Beant for now and that the fourth one can relax now. Maybe third time WAS the charm? 🙂

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